Oh Man! Okay, Watch TOMORROW’S The Price is Right – Seriously. Please?

March 18, 2013

I know you've seen this picture a lot - but it's the only Price is Right picture I have!
I know you’ve seen this picture a lot – but it’s the only Price is Right picture I have!

Sorry everybody! I’m so sorry to everybody who woke up earlier than usual or was inconvenienced in any other way…

Today was kind of a bust. A huge portion of my extended family gathered in Indiana to watch the show together. (My dad even took the day off of work.)

Early in the game, I realized – none of this looks familiar.

We checked the schedule on the website. Now, I had checked it before. Once I saw it in writing there, I didn’t realize it would change. But I probably should’ve checked it a little more recently than just once a couple (or few) weeks ago.

I went to the taping on February 6. I was around for episode 6271K. As of now, that’s listed for tomorrow.

I would’ve loved to have watched with all of us gathered together, but my dad had a meeting he couldn’t get out of. I already planned to fly back home tonight. It’s just not in the cards to all watch it together.

So, I will be hanging in my apartment, live tweeting during the west coast airing of the show tomorrow (pretty much spoiling it for anyone who isn’t following along).

So, sorry again. (And sorry to all the billions of strangers I told… I told everybody – guy who checks me in at the gym, guy at the post office, waitress at everywhere – every person I met – “Don’t forget to watch The Price is Right on Monday!” (*palm to face. Embarrassing.)

So please, y’all, actually tune in tomorrow.

(Also, if you did watch today, the show was kind of amazing… But don’t hold your breath for me to have the same kind of day that girl did. I would not expect me to come out of there with over $78,000. But good for her!)

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