Yep, I picked up the BRAND NEW (Price is Right) CAR! – Part 1 (Couldn’t Believe It Was Real!)

March 20, 2013

And it’s perfect.

My awesome friend Megan drove me down to Selman Chevrolet.

When you win a car on The Price is Right, they’ll get it to a dealership within 100 miles of you. Since I live in SoCal, I got to go through the main dealership TPiR goes through.

Probably about 2 weeks ago, I got a call saying, “Hi! This is Tommy with Selman Chevrolet. I got some paperwork from The Price is Right saying you won a car. Congratulations!…”

And I flipped out. I still couldn’t believe it was real! (I’ve had all the way since the February 6th tape date to try and realize it’s all really real, but somehow I’m still in disbelief.)

Tommy let me pick out the color of the car, and the date/time I wanted to come get it.

The official rules in the paperwork TPiR gave me state that the dealership has 90 days from the date the show airs to contact me. Once they contact me, I have 10 days to pick up the car, or I forfeit it (unless, of course, the dealership call before the show airs. You’re not allowed to pick it up ’til after your air date, so pre-show days don’t count in your 10 days).

I didn’t want to wait at all! Megan and I drove on down to the dealership the day my show aired. I was ready to have this car in my possession! Nothing has ever happened until it’s actually happened, you know? And this actually happened!

Basically, I showed up, and said, “Hey, I’m here to meet Tommy for the best day of my life.”

He handles all The Price is Right cars. So, I guess he’s pretty used to people totally freaking out all the time.

We looked around the car. It looked gorgeous. So clean. So new.

Then, we went inside. Tommy took my license and insurance information. (As soon as my dad found out I won a car, his first thought was, “Insurance. Insurance immediately.” (He works in insurance, and got me on a policy probably before the show even aired out here on the west coast. (He’s in Ohio.)))

After Tommy handed me the keys, he took me over to see Wayne, the money guy. I went in and signed a bunch (a whole bunch) of paperwork. I pretty much read it over, but there was so much. I suppose it’s possible I accidentally signed my life away in there or something, but let’s hope not.

There was a form about $1,000 or so in rebates… to CBS. Well, that’s okay. They can have the rebates. They gave me a car.

I did have to pay $2,066.67 for sales tax, and the licenses and registration fees.

There was a part of the form that said they basically had the right to take the car back. I was all, “what?!” But then he said that was mainly for people leasing, if the money stuff didn’t happen. He said, “the important thing about that clause is not that we can take it back, but that you can’t return it.”

It’s a brand new car! Why would I ever want to return it?

After I’d given my money to Wayne (the money guy), I went back with Tommy and he led me out to the brand new car! (I really should give it a name, I guess instead of just calling it, “brand new car!”)

Tommy led me through all the various features. It’s a car from the future (as far as I’m concerned)! The key pops out from the little remote thing. That’s right. The key hides down in the little unlock/lock remote thing, then click – you pop it out. The car also has Sirius XM Satellite radio (which is awesome). (Don’t get too attached. It’s only free for 3 months.) Brand New Car (its name for now) even comes with OnStar (for 6 months)!

Oh, I still have more to say! But, I don’t want a crazy long post. So, let’s just talk more about this tomorrow. Hope to see you then!

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  1. So jealous! I have always wondered how people got the actual prizes they won on the show. You were so cute on the show! It’s so weird to hear your voice after reading only your words after all this time. 🙂 Not weird in a bad way…lol

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