My Surprisingly Animated Price is Right Appearance

March 22, 2013

Aurora De Lucia looking nervous playing for a brand new car on The Price is RightThis is crazy.

I went to the taping of The Price is Right back on February 6th. I was freaking out all about it well before I could tell you! I started drafting a million-part (hyperbole (barely ;))) series about my day at the show.

And now that I’m ready to go through and edit it, I’ve realized I didn’t need to do quite such a play-by-play since it’s all on video for the world to see. (But you will still get some play-by-play with stuff that was edited out, and my thoughts along the way.)

I will say the biggest surprise about that day to me (after having watched the show), is my facial expressions.

I like to think I do some good facial expressions here and there, and am a somewhat animated person. But, I honestly thought – in all seriousness (I stress that whole “I really thought” part because now it seems crazy) – that I was practically robotic on TPiR.

I was so nervous, that I thought I’d completely clammed up. I thought I was unbelievably boring. I thought I just kind of gave an empty start to Drew Carey and basically stood there kind of lifeless.

I was pre-embarrassed about watching it. I was so happy with the outcome (obviously), but I was really embarrassed about the idea of being the most boring Price is Right contestant of all time.

Aurora on the ground with her head back, playing for a brand new car on The Price is Right

So, when the show aired and I was bounding around like a crazy person, I was pretty shocked! But, really happy that I wasn’t as boring as I thought. I was also pretty darn surprised about the huge difference between my perception and my reality.

Is that what I look like every day of my life – broadcasting every emotion and thought all over my face? Probably.

(During a Skype conversation, one of my friends once said, “There’s a camera directly on your face. I see you in close-up. You don’t need to play to the back of the house.” I thought it was a hilarious exaggerated comment, but I guess it wasn’t as exaggerated as I thought.)

Many people have been commenting on my reactions (including my head roll when the girl outbid me by a dollar on my first bid in contestant’s row). I’ll totally admit, I’ve loved all the comments people have been making about my face. I love that people loved my expressions.

I’m really, really ecstatic that I was not a robot up there. But it amazes me how different what I watched was from what I felt was going on at the time.

Now, enough with the random commenting on my own face. (Weird, right?) More car/Price is Right talk tomorrow.

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