The First Few Days With My Car

March 23, 2013

I know I’ve only had the car for about 5 days, so I can’t believe I’m already doing a car update. But, I felt it was time for one.

First off, OnStar is one of the coolest, greatest things ever. Everyone who answers the phone is SO nice. And I love asking a sweet human where to go way more than I like asking a machine.

It’s also funny that whenever I ask to avoid highways since I’m sort of a new driver all over again, the voices of the OnStar people get even cuter, like they think I’m some adorable 16-year-old with her first car. (Or they think I’m some annoying girl who doesn’t know how to drive. Either way, we all have fun together – the OnStar people and I.)

(For the record, I am capable of driving on highways. And when I visit my parents or rent a car somewhere, I do. I’m only avoiding them for the time being ’cause the car is so new. And Los Angeles is so Los Angeles.)

I also really love having Sirius XM satellite radio. I listen to Z100 (from New York) all the time. I know I’m not there. I know I’d never be driving if I were there. But, still. I like to hear the name of streets in NY when they do the traffic reports. It feels like New York isn’t quite so far away when the radio station is coming to me.

Even though I don’t love driving, I do love sitting in the car, ’cause it feels like I’m enveloped in luck (and maybe a little love) from The Price is Right. That whole on-top-of-the-world feeling hasn’t worn off yet.

The whole not-an-awesome-driver thing hasn’t worn off either. It took me what seemed like 20 minutes (and very well may have actually been that long) to park in my building the other day. When I got in the lobby, one of my friends at the front desk and I had a huge laugh over it ’cause he’d been watching on the camera.

Start to pull into the space. Wait. Am I too close to that car? Back out. Get a slightly different angle. Try again. Pull almost all the way in. Okay, but the car’s not super straight. Pull out again. Try to straighten out the car. Straighten the car. Get out. Walk around. Huh, you know, this is pretty good. But that one wheel is kind of touching that white line and I’d really like to be completely inside the space with no touching of any lines. Let’s try this again.

Get back in. Turn on the car. Straighten the car. You know what? I don’t even feel great about this space. I’m gonna move a couple of spaces down….

Eventually, I successfully parked. But it was definitely an adventure getting there.

In another car related story – the day after I brought home the car, I took the bus to my dentist appointment… I didn’t feel like moving the car, or trying to park somewhere else. I just let it be, and I got on the bus.

Oh, cars.

2 thoughts on “The First Few Days With My Car”

  1. Really excited for you! That new car feeling is a tough one….everyone always go through it…not wanting scratches…not spilling anything inside or crumbs…lol Sniff that new car smell and enjoy it! :c) Congrats again…its been fun watching you!

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