My Day As A “Price is Right” Contestant – Part 4 (The Interview pt. 2)

Wednesday, March 27th, 2013

Aurora with her hands in front of her face on The Price is RightPicking up from yesterday

We were in a “what are we gonna say we do” pow wow.

(Again, the point wasn’t to lie, so much as to phrase our lives the right way, highlighting the good parts. You may only get less than a minute to talk to these people. All your seconds have to count!)

I couldn’t very well go up there and be like, “Uh, I’m unemployed right now.” Real interesting. And how am I supposed to say, “Well, I just finished up a stint at Playboy?” Real morning-game-show friendly there, huh?

I could say that I blog… I don’t make any money off of this, so it can’t really be classified as a job. (I suppose. I dunno. Some people work, but don’t actually make any money in that work…).

Anyway, I have a blog. So, you know. I could say it. (We don’t have to take the “what do you do” question so literally as to mean, “how do you pay your bills?” We’re not filling out our taxes here.)

But then we all discussed if blog stuff made me sound “too L.A.” I actually thought blog made me sound “down home-y.” (I guess… I’m not sure what words I’m going for there.) I’m sure lots of bloggers watch The Price is Right. (Heck, there are even some great game show blogs out there.)

I know a lot of bloggers are mothers, and I think moms make up a lot of The Price is Right audience.

Zuri and Patrick didn’t feel like blogger screamed friend-to-moms. They thought it was on the “too-L.A.” category. One of them suggested maybe a “social media” type job title. But I thought that sounded way more L.A. than blogger.

Now, to some of you, it might sound silly that we’re so worried about getting the wording right to make people like us – but what can I tell you? That’s the world (especially the world in L.A. – and the world in game shows).

Aurora De Lucia laughing at something Drew Carey said on The Price is Right stage

I wanted to highlight the things they would like about me. It’s an interview. Show your strengths.

Finally, I decided I’d just say “I adventure and do fun stuff. I just ran 52 half marathons in 52 weeks.”

Surprisingly, the whole group of people I was being interviewed with applauded after that. Thanks, everybody.

After people applauded me, the producer asked how many people I had with me. I pointed to Zuri and said one, then pointed to Patrick and said something like, “but two now, since we’ve become fast friends in line.”

And that was the end of my interview. I thought that question had ruined me. The producer didn’t seem too excited about me having a posse of two. I thought since I didn’t say “20” or something super cool like that, that the interview had slipped out of my hands.

(I’d also thought I’d been a little too “normal” in the interview – that maybe I wasn’t excited enough. But, judging by the fact that I thought I was a robot on the actual Price is Right stage – then seeing the difference between my perception and reality, I realize I have no idea how I actually acted in line. (Do I actually know how I act anywhere ever?))

So, the interview was complete. There was only one last phase in line, and that’s where I’ll pick up tomorrow.

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