My Day As A “Price is Right” Contestant – Part 10 (My Big Moment in Contestants’ Row)

April 2, 2013

Aurora behind her podium in disbelief that she's the next person up to contestant's row on The Price is RightPicking up from yesterday

So, back to contestants’ row and my super nervous brain. If I don’t get up on that stage, my stomach will be in knots for weeks (read: the rest of my life). I’ll be having nightmares about what I should’ve said! Don’t let your dream slip away, Aurora!

The moment before speaking into the contestants’ row microphone is quite possibly one of the scariest moments of my life. 15 years of The Price is Right flash before my eyes as I see my childhood dreams within reach! It’s terrifying to lean into that microphone and say a number – terrifying, I tell you! The next time around, I’m 3rd to go. Okay. Not the coveted 4th spot, but 3rd’s not too bad.

When the camcorders come out, I feel like I’m just intently staring at them – as if staring is going to make me hear better. I do a quick little tangent in my thoughts. “Is the camera on me right now? Do I look super weird intently staring at these cameras? Am I even blinking?” Okay. Who cares. Look as weird as you need to look. Just lock in on those cameras. And really think – what are they worth?

Well, from the sounds of what you can hear (which luckily with this prize was most of it), there are some special features on two of them. Did they just say 3D? Is that a thing? Normal people can now tape in 3D? Well, fancy that. Okay, so these camcorders are gonna be expensive-ish… But how expensive?

I was sort of leaning in the $1,100-ish range. I was unsure of my ability to price camcorders. Then, the first two people did me a huge favor by bidding so far apart. I knew that I didn’t think the cameras were more than $1,800. So, the only question was – were they under $1,200 or above it?

Betting $1 as the 3rd person is super risky, because if the 4th person also thinks the other two people were too high, they’re just gonna bet $2. Of course, if they think it’s more than $1,200, you get to be all alone in the $1 – $1,200 range.

I did always kind of wanted to bet $1 while in contestants’ row because you look so cool when you say “$1!” But, who cares about looking cool? I’m trying to get onstage here!

So the big question remained – were these camcorders more or less than $1,200. I figured that had to be pretty close to the price. I was going to be so angry with myself if we all overbid! But since I knew $1,200 had to be close – I just did it. $1,201. (Sorry 1st person.)

Pretty sure I'm saying, "Don't you dare even bid 1201" with my eyes
Pretty sure I’m saying, “Don’t you dare even bid 1201” with my eyes

(I knew my usual instincts were to way underbid. So, if I was thinking close to the price, I needed to lean over here instead of under, figuring that would probably get me closer.)

Then, there was that dreaded last bid still to be placed. Every everything in my body was incredibly tense at that point. She’s going to say $1,202, isn’t she? Aren’t you? You are going to lean into that mic and say $1,202. Don’t you do that to me!

Surprisingly, even though I was completely expecting her to say $1,202, she said $1,801. We’ll I’ll be.

Then my thought was, “Hey, Aurora. You got the range you chose. So, at least if you don’t get this, it’s on you – not somebody else grasping it at the last moment.”

(When I watched the show, I think you could tell that I really, really thought I was right. I smile and shift my weight back and forth in a little dance.)

Sure enough – oh my gosh, I can barely even breathe while recounting the story – he pulled out the card and started to say $1,200 in a way where I knew another number was coming after it. Guess what? It didn’t matter what that number was! I had all twelve-hundred numbers other than twelve-hundred even.

I could see him looking at me as he said it. But I couldn’t believe it was really happening to me. “Wait is it really – is it really, in real-life, seriously me?” (said my eyes). I knew it was me, but I was waiting for him to call my name officially. He said Aurora.

Oh boy. This is real. This is REAL, y’all! It’s really happening.

This is where I’ll pick up tomorrow.

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