My Day As A “Price is Right” Contestant – Part 13 (The End of The Money Game)

Friday, April 5th, 2013

Drew Carey lightly making fun of Aurora De Lucia on The Price is Right - and she loves every second of itPicking up from yesterday

So, I’d gotten the front of the car. Now, I have to pick those dreaded back numbers, which I think are a little harder to logic out.

I’m thinking 96. I look to the audience – as though they’re gonna help me. I look to my friends. I can’t even tell if they’re saying anything to me. Apparently (as he told me after the fact) Patrick was just saying, “It’s all arbitrary at this point, anyway. Just pick some numbers. Good luck!” So, thanks for that, Patrick.

I then expanded my search for help and looked not only at my friends but at everyone in the audience. And they all just seemed like one big gobbled jungle of fingers and sounds. Well, thanks anyway, y’all. But I have absolutely no clue what you are trying to tell me right now.

Guess I’m kind of just up here alone. So be it. (It’s probably better that way, so if anything goes wrong, I have no one to blame but myself.)

$96 feels good, and follows pricing strategy of places. Also, 3 is my lucky number. Divisible by 3. Feeling good. I pick it. Annnnd…

Okay, well, it’s not $96. I now have a number in the dollar column. Oh goodness. My heart is beating at approximately 4 million beats per second. This is terrifying. Absolutely terrifying. I know I’m using the word terrifying a lot. But I just want to let you know how freaking on the edge of a heart attack I am. There is a brand new car (and a bit of a new life(!)) in my presence… and I want it!

doing our little dance for 96.

My new friend Drew Carey and I doing our little dance for 96.

I apparently have a very animated face when I’m thinking. I’d barely remembered that Drew made a very animated thinking face at me, but when I watched the tape I was reminded of it.

At the time, I thought he’d just been making faces to try to spice up the game with the girl who’s internalizing everything. But nope. When I watched the tape, I saw he was imitating me. (And I loved it.)

Now, at some point in my guessing, I mentally crossed 52 off my list. 2 is my unlucky number. I figured I shouldn’t guess anything with 2 in it. But, before I guessed it, that whole “strategy” (of lucky/unlucky numbers completely escaped my mind – and thank goodness it did!

For some reason 52 starts calling my name. My eyes are ping-ponging around to a couple of different numbers, but they keep going back to 52. I notice that it’s in the 3rd column and the 3rd row. (And 3 is my lucky number.) (Yes, this really all is pretty super arbitrary – though I did learn later that descending numbers at the end is also a pricing strategy, so this wasn’t a bad guess, since the middle number was 6.)

As Drew starts to pull up 52, I really start to believe it’s the back of the car. But it can’t be. But wait! I can see the wheels! It’s the car! It’s the car! It’s the car! It’s the car!!!

When I won, time pretty much stopped. I was in complete shock. When trying to remember what I’d done after I won, I only sort of remembered. But truly, I had to watch the show to actually remember.

The only thing I remembered is my brain speeding unbelievably fast. (I know I’ve said that a lot too, but I just can’t get across how insane everything was.) My freaking dream is coming true right in front of my eyes!

As most people did, I grew up dreaming that perhaps someday I’d be on The Price is Right. And maybe, just maybe if I were the luckiest person, I’d get to hear the magic words that I could win a “brand new car!”

And I’ll continue freaking out about my new car tomorrow.

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