My Day As A “Price is Right” Contestant – Part 17 (The Wheel – So Close, But Yet So Far)

April 9, 2013

Drew Carey extending a high 5 to Aurora De Lucia on The Price is Right
About to give Drew Carey a high 5

Picking up from yesterday

Since I had a very weak spin (and wasn’t even positive it was going to go all the way around), when Drew asked if I wanted to say hi to anyone, I dove for that mic and spoke at super-speed.

In case you couldn’t tell what I was blathering, I said – “Um, I just want to say that I did all these races as a celebration of coming back to running after open heart surgery. So, even though it’s cheesy, believe in yourself. You are what you decide to be.”

Yeah. I know. Feel free to make fun of me. It was silly, but it was fun. And maybe someone at home needed to be reminded to believe in her or himself.

(Also, if I do say so myself, my timing was spot on. You can see me just finishing talking, and the wheel just about to stop in the picture above.)

But, I lose any cool points gained from that, ’cause I’ll also say, I totally pointed at the wrong camera when I said “believe in yourself.” I could see it wasn’t lit up red, but I did it anyway, ’cause it was happening so fast and I couldn’t see which one was lit up red.

Buuuut, I think it’s actually better that way, ’cause it would’ve been 40,000 times cheesier to point directly at the camera. And this way it looked like I was pointing to the audience. (And if the direct to camera point was that much better, they would’ve edited that in in post.)

So, back to the all important wheel. I almost landed on 95.

Oh man. So close and yet so far. Try to get it right this time, Aurora.

So, I learn from some mistakes, try to really get that momentum going, and spin that wheel harder. (It is heavy, y’all.)

Drew Carey and Aurora seeing that the wheel had almost landed on 95 on The Price is Right

At least I got to feel like I got a pretty good spin instead of walking away like a complete weakling. I was a little bit thinking, “What kind of big dramatic exit will I do if I don’t get into the showcase? Will I cry or refuse to leave the stage?” (Obviously, I wouldn’t have ever actually refused to leave the stage, ’cause I like to think I’m not a big jerk…)

But I didn’t even cry or anything! Truthfully, i was still just in complete shock. I just didn’t know what to do – with anything.

So, I spin again. Drew and I have yet another little moment. Sure enough, I’m 5 cents over. Wah wah.

So sad.

Sort of.

I mean, I did win a car.

Sometimes I get I bit annoyed when people are all, “Oh, I’m so thankful for what I have, it doesn’t bother me that I missed out on the chance for another $25,000.” ‘Cause I’m like, “Come on! You’re human!” And I’m super competitive as it is. So, whether $5 or $5 million is on the line, I like to win. Who doesn’t?

But, even though I think that sometimes it feels forced when people say they’re really fine with losing at any stage of a game show, I really am okay with it. And I will talk more on that tomorrow.

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