My Day As A “Price is Right” Contestant – Part 20 (The After Show Happy/Sad Contestant Room)

April 12, 2013

Aurora De Lucia standing by Drew Carey as she's nervous to play The Money Game on The Price is RightPicking up from yesterday

So, I didn’t make it on to the showcase, but I still lived on to talk about it.

I got to sit in the front row (left side) of the audience, with the other contestants from the show, as we watched the showcase.

At this point, any stress was off. My day had been made. So, I was just super into it, out having fun in the audience.

This next part was edited out, which makes me kind of sad because it was hilarious.

After the first showcase, Jeanette tried to bid $53,000. And the audience erupted with pushback. Nope. No. No. Don’t do that. Don’t do that, Jeanette!

She was interrupted by the wild crowd. Then, tried to start over. “53 -” interrupted again, even louder.

She just smiled really hugely at us – as though we were cheering her on. But really, we were trying to save her.

She then lowed her bid to 30-something thousand – which was still way over.

So, in Anna’s showcase, we’re all screaming $1. (Screaming so hard.) But alas, she does not bid $1.

Now, in defense of the ladies, I’m sure they were nervous. And brains don’t always work as well when nerves are running super high. Also, I’ve been on the stage. I know how the audience just sounds like a jumbled mess, and you can’t really tell what they’re saying…

I mean, we were all trying to be as clear as possible holding up 1 finger for a dollar. But, Anna still may have seen a sea of confusion from her view on the stage.

Aurora De Lucia narrowly missing 95 cents at The Price is Right wheel with Drew Carey

After the show, we all went back to this little room to fill out all of our paperwork to get our prizes.

And let me tell you, it was the happiest and saddest (but mainly saddest) room I’ve ever been in.

Anna – who was very sweet, and I’m sure very happy about her $10,000 – sounded like she was going to have nightmares about the number 14 for weeks. (She was $14 over on her showcase (for those who didn’t see it, or forgot).)

Rori was talking about having 5 chances in contestants’ row – in 2 of which she got to bid last – and never making it up.

A guy from the first half had been talking about narrowly missing $1 on the wheel.

It was a sad, sad little room. But, it was also a happy room, ’cause we were happy that we’d been on The Price is Right. The majority of the people who’d made it on stage had won a prize. Two of us had even won cars. So, people were definitely happy with their fortune as well.

We had to be quiet for part of our time in there, because they had to shoot pick-ups with Drew onstage (so no one could make noise).

In the little room, before I filled out my paperwork, Henry, a sound guy came back to get my mic back. I was all, “Isn’t this sad? We only got to be friends for such a short period of time!” And he said that’s what happens to him every day on The Price is Right. Awww.

We did have a bit of bonding when we realized we were both from Indiana (Yeah, Hoosiers!).

Aurora De Lucia holding hands and talking with Drew Carey on The Price is Right

I also got to learn a bit about him when I asked what his dream in life was. He is in a rock band. Cool, huh?

Anyway, he took my mic away, since I was all done with my 10 minutes of fame.

Then, someone walked in with the poster boards of our names (that had been held up when we’d been called on down to contestants’ row), to see if we wanted them.

And we all freaked out a little – over poster boards. Every single person took her or his name. For some reason, we were all insanely jazzed about getting those poster boards. By the way we were acting, you’d have thought we’d all won a game all over again.

Then we sat around filling out our paperwork, which is where I’ll pick up tomorrow.

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