“The Price is Right” FAQs (Regarding Being on the Show)

April 23, 2013

Aurora De Lucia and Drew Carey with their thinking faces on at The Price is Right(For FAQs regarding prizes, see tomorrow’s post.)

Disclaimer: Obviously, I’m not an official Price is Right person. These answers are just based on my experience as a contestant.

1) What does the set look like in person?

It is definitely smaller than I think it looks on television – especially when you’re in contestants’ row. It seems like playtime. It does not feel real. (But it does feel awesome.)

There are also these little arrow stickers behind contestants’ row that point you to the stairs. (I believe they say “winner stairs.”) I remember thinking two thoughts a couple of times – 1) Oh my gosh, now that something actually points where “winners” go, I am going to feel like a big loser if I’m left in “losers’ row.” 2) I didn’t know there was one staircase we were supposed to go up! Whatever you do, Aurora, don’t make such a simple mistake. There are arrows in front of you. Follow them.”

2) What’s it like to hear your name called to “come on down”?

As I addressed in my super long Price is Right story, there’s actually a whole lot you don’t hear, though I was pretty sure George Gray did, in fact, call my name. It was super in cool in person. Then watching the tape is almost even better. I absolutely love how much fun he had with my name when he announced it! So, thanks, George Gray. You made that moment even better than my dreams about it!

3) What’s it like to spin the wheel?

Everyone always says “it’s heavier than you think,” so I imagine at this point you all think it’s pretty heavy. Therefore, it’s probably exactly what you think. (I actually don’t know that it’s quite as heavy as I made it look on the show…)

It is nerve-wracking to spin it, though! That’s for sure. The carpet is not as slippery as it seems sometimes. (Or at least in my opinion, it wasn’t.) (But I had this crazy, totally unfounded fear of falling, since it seems like so many people do. What kind of shoes are you all wearing?)

Aurora De Lucia looking quite nervous on The Price is Right

4) How can I get picked as a contestant?

I devoted a whole post to that here.

5) What’s Drew Carey like?

He seems super nice. I really like that guy. From everything I’ve ever seen of him on-screen or in person – he just seems like a fun-loving, happy guy, enjoying life. He talked with people during commercial breaks. He seemed very nice to all the contestants. I definitely walked out of there a fan of his.

6) How long is a taping day?

I went to an 8:30 am taping, and was the last one to leave (since I was the last one who went through the paperwork process), and I got out around 2:30. (I think everybody else was let out around 2pm.)

7) How do I get tickets?

You can get tickets here.

8) Where can I see your episode?

My friend put a clip here.

9) How much of that was you and how much of that was “game show you”?

I kind of already talked about this in this post.

But to answer the question, it was quite possibly the most genuine I’ve ever been in my life. It was pure me. I was way too nervous to try to be cute, or to try to be anything but just pure me.

And I’m so happy it was that way. ‘Cause for me, it makes it that much more fun to watch myself just be completely present and in the moment – not worrying that, for instance, pulling my face down is gonna make my eyes look weird (which it totally did).

Drew Carey lightly making fun of Aurora De Lucia on The Price is Right - and her loving every second of it

I literally had no idea that I was doing basically any of the facial expressions I did. I don’t remember running or doing a little jumpy dance before saying 52. None of that was on purpose; it was all nervous energy.

(And if I do say so myself, my favorite part is my facial expression after I win the car, because for some reason I look really terrified that I picked the right number. That makes me super happy. I think it’s a really unexpected look, and I like it.)

If you want to her a super detailed 21-part story of the day, you can start it here.

Tomorrow, I’ll be answering FAQs about the prizes.

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