Yes, I Know My Price is Right Aired One Day After I Originally Thought It Would

April 26, 2013

Aurora De Lucia realizing she's the next person onstage at The Price is RightOkay, so I’m about done with Price is Right posts (other than the future post on what I did with the prizes). (I’m waiting on that one until I get rid of the camcorders and have the $96 in my possession.)

But, I have two more posts – today’s and tomorrow’s just talking about the various reactions to my episode.

Firstly, I don’t know if you remember, but originally, my episode was going to air on March 18th.

Then, some girl won a jaguar – and a showcase. So, The Price is Right scooted that episode forward. And I didn’t realize that my episode had been bumped by a day until the episode had already started airing (east coast time).

I told everybody – and I mean everybody to watch.

I told strangers on planes, people at the post office, waiters – any person I saw anywhere (especially as the day grew closer) heard that they just had to watch The Price is Right.

Well, first off, anybody who did check the blog or twitter and re-watched on Tuesday to see my episode had an episode with impossible expectations fresh in their mind. So, sorry on that.

Secondly, I’ve since run into some of the people who I’d told to watch Monday who didn’t check any social media stuff. (It was impossible to retrace all my steps and re-tell every person I’d seen since February 6.) And of course everyone was all, “Why did I have to watch The Price is Right on March 18th?”

Aurora De Lucia talking with Drew Carey on The Price is Right

And it didn’t help that I had to be so super coy! Since I wasn’t allowed to say if I won anything, I was all, “Well, just watch. You won’t regret it.”

“But are you a contestant?”

“Just watch and see…”

So, I’m sorry for that everyone. Hopefully the strangers out there whom I never ran into somehow, someday see my blog and realize I wasn’t just blowing smoke, and that they should just watch the episode from the 19th instead…

But having all the confusion really made for an interesting response since people have slowly but surely been watching the correct day.

(Oh, and one final thought about some of these responses – I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this before, but you know what’s weird about being on The Price is Right? To me, the quintessential thing about TPiR is winning a car. That’s the dream! But, for some reason, everyone’s first question when I told them to watch the show was, “Did you win the showcase?!” What? Whose dream is that? Car, maybe a dollar on the wheel, and then I guess the showcase… but, come on, America. Know the dream.)

So, that’s part one of the reactions I got. Part 2 – the awesome part – is coming at you tomorrow.

I'd love to hear from you! So whaddya say?