Ohio Health Suite at the Columbus Crew Game

May 7, 2013

Aurora De Lucia in the Ohio Health suite at a Columbus Crew gameYet again – the awesome power of twitter.

So, I was checking out the Cap City twitter feed, and they had some tweets from Ohio Health – which was a sponsor of the race.

They were tweeting people asking them to come to the Ohio Health suite at the Columbus Crew game (Columbus’ soccer team). I tweeted and asked if there was more room in the suite. Sure, enough there was!

They invited both me and my dad to the game, which was awesome of them.

We got free t-shirts (I’m wearing mine in the picture), and we got autographed mini-soccer balls.

When I walked in the suite, I felt famous! I didn’t realize they kind of knew who I was. Everyone was all, “Oh, you’re 52 half marathons in 52 weeks Aurora.” So famous. They called me an influencer! What? I mean, I’m only hovering somewhere around 190 twitter followers, but golly, did I feel special.

There was even a little paper up telling us hash tags to use and people to tweet – ’cause we were influencers who people cared about on twitter. Awesome.

I’ll admit that I didn’t totally watch the soccer game. I spent most of my time talking to people (convincing one of the people there to actually join twitter). (She was there because she was an athletic trainer, there to answer any of our questions – not ’cause she was a “twitter influencer” – being that she didn’t have twitter and all.)

Also, I ate all the food ever. I’m a sucker for lots and lots of free food. I did of course watch some of the game. It was the first professional soccer match I’d been to!

I realized how little I knew about soccer when I had no idea if it was played in halves or quarters. And I didn’t know what the boxes outside of the goal meant. But, someone in the suite patiently explained soccer to me. So, it was a great learning experience for me about a game I knew so little about.

Overall, it was a great day! Huge thanks to Ohio Health for making me feel like a superstar!

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