Cory Booker And I Are Still Best Twitter Friends!

May 20, 2013

A Cory Booker tweet about Ben and Jerry's to @AurorasBlog, Aurora De LuciaRemember when I totally screwed up twitter?

Were you worried that Cory Booker totally hated me after that and we weren’t twitter friends anymore? ‘Cause I sure was!

Well, great news. Even after i ruined twitter by incessantly annoying him to get him to retweet a photo – then he did – and then I accidentally deleted that photo from twitter completely (shakes head all over again), he still tweeted me back after the Ben and Jerry’s truck came!

I take that as a sign of forgiveness. (Don’t you?)

Two very Cory Booker-type things happened to me in the past week or so. One was that I passed the premiere of Star Trek on Hollywood Boulevard on my way to work. The other was that the Ben and Jerry’s truck came to my work. (He loves, loves, loves both Star Trek and Ben and Jerry’s.)

So, if I couldn’t get him to tweet me back about either of those things, what hope did we have really?

Sure enough, after the truck came, I tweeted him saying the truck came and I even got to pose in the truck! (And don’t worry, I will not delete that tweet! Oh, how I have learned.)

He tweeted back with a “bummed I missed!” That’s right. An exclamation point in the tweet. And he’s even bummed he wasn’t there. ‘Cause where else would he want to be, besides hanging out with his twitter friend Aurora, eating some of his favorite dessert?

Basically, I take that to mean all is well in the world and my life. Hooray!

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