A Final Thought (For Now) On Twitter

May 25, 2013

Ha ha ha. Not really. (But sort of. ;))
Ha ha ha. Not really. (But sort of. ;))

I just wanted to say, I know I’ve been doing, I guess a little twitter bragging. “Wee, look at me. One of my favorite politicians tweets me.”

But, in case I didn’t make it clear, one of the best things about twitter is interacting with random, cool people I probably would not have met otherwise.

I have met some of quite possibly my favorite people through twitter. One way or another you find them, or they find you. You start to learn a little more about each other’s lives, and soon you’re talking to them like a friend… ’cause now, they kind of are.

So, to all the super cool people I communicate with through twitter, thanks!

As I said before, twitter is my jam. I love it. And those of you who interact with me on there make it all that much better.

If you’re not tweeting me yet, please do anytime(/all the time ;))! (And if that link doesn’t work, I’m @AurorasBlog.)

I'd love to hear from you! So whaddya say?