Scott Robinson’s Last Day On The Price is Right

May 28, 2013

I don’t know if you remember from my millions of Price is Right posts, but I’d talked about this amazingly energetic, super guy at The Price is Right.

I didn’t know his name or his title. But I certainly knew that it seemed like he breathed his job. He was so fun to watch on stage. He was the one who excitedly revealed my name from a poster board, and I just adored him every moment I saw him onstage (even before he was a participant in making my dreams come true).

Well, the other day, I learned that his name is Scott Robinson. How did I find out? Because it was his last day on the show. And his send off was so emotional. You watch it, and possibly get a bit choked up.


(If for whatever reason the embedded player doesn’t work, the link is here.)

In case you were wondering, it seems like he did in fact live and breathe his job. He was very active on the main Price is Right fan forum. (You can’t search by name unless you’re a member. But in case you are, he posts under the name MSTieScott.)

He seemed so happy throughout so many years. And I’m so happy for him!

I don’t know why he left, and I still don’t know exactly what his job was when he left. But I do know that from the little I do know, it is so lovely to see someone who worked at their dream show for such a long time – and did it from starting at the bottom. (He mentioned his days as a page on the CBS lot.)

I find that so incredibly heartwarming and impressive. Huge kudos to Scott Robinson. I tip my hat to you, sir.

I hope he has many more successes ahead of him, and I can’t wait to see what he does next.

2 thoughts on “Scott Robinson’s Last Day On The Price is Right”

  1. It was hard to see a fun guy like Drew get choke up. That was a wonderful video of Drew and Scott. It was great to see Drew showing such appreciation to a long time crew of the show.

    Best wishes to Scott Robinson and his future. It must have been a memorable cross path between them two. Thanks for the post!

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