It’s Possible That People Are Paying Attention To Me – Part 1 (The Story)

June 9, 2013

I thought this photo was kind of cute and wanted to tweet it.
I thought this photo was at least kind of cute and wanted to tweet it.

Oh my gosh. Am I really going to tell another twitter story that revolves around Cory Booker?

Yes. Sorry.

(But it’s going somewhere (or at least I think), so I hope you stick around and read it!)

(Also, I need to start keeping one of those ___ days without a twitter accident posters around, don’t I?)

I’ve been tweeting for about 9 months now. How long is my grace period ’til I officially have to know what I’m doing?

There is a bit of a science in tweeting Cory Booker. Your best bet is to tweet when he’s tweeting, ’cause then he’s more likely to tweet you.

I have obviously gotten too spoiled, just assuming I’m always gonna get a tweet. He is a big time politician, you know. He can’t just tweet everybody.

But pretty recently, a fair amount of people were getting tweets when they tweeted him pictures of their thank you cards that donors to the campaign got. I kind of missed that round of tweets, because I hadn’t gotten mind yet. (That’s what you get when you live in California.)

But, I figured that when he made his big announcement that he was running for Senate, twitter would be all a’twitter talking about it.

So, I drafted my related tweet (having to do with donating, baby), attached my picture, and waited for the storm of tweets to try to get in on it.

Then I thought it was happening. Tweeted. But, it turned out it was one quick burst of tweets – not the storm.

Okay, quietly take my tweet down. Shhh, I’m sure nobody noticed.

Wait again. Then, I was pretty tired pretty early last night. I was ready to go to bed around 7. And this is where my biggest error came in. Don’t tweet when you’re tired and your brain’s not at full capacity! Just go to bed and tweet in the morning.

Don’t lie in bed refreshing twitter as if you’re gonna miss something. You’re allowed to go to sleep early if you want.

I thought I again saw a storm brewing, or at least a quick burst I could get in on. I sent out my tweet, hoping for the best.

Nothing. I thought certainly I had gotten the timing wrong. Then, as I was deleting it, I saw a favorite from one of my twitter followers, and a retweet from another. Agggh! What’s happening?! In my terror, I deleted the tweet. (I was already in the process with the mouse over the trash can and everything. I was too scared to rethink things!)

Then, I thought I was safe and that hopefully barely anybody’d seen it. But no, soon enough, I got a reply to my tweet! Aaaagggghhh. People are actually interacting with me over twitter?! But I already deleted the original tweet. Guh.

THEN! As if that wasn’t bad enough, Cory Booker then replied to the person who replied to my tweet. Now, I’m super happy for my follower who got the Cory Booker reply. And all of that would’ve been in the thread of my original tweet had I only kept it up.

What I took from this (going back to the title of the post), is that people might actually be listening to me. More on that idea tomorrow.

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