SkyRobics (June 25, 2013’s Something New)

June 28, 2013

Aurora De Lucia attempting a tuck jump at SkyRobics
attempting a tuck jump

Every year I do something new on my birthday. (I’ll expand on that later).

This year, I happen to be visiting my family. (There’s a very important party in Ohio this weekend. More on that later as well.)

As seems to be the pattern, I waited until the last minute to decide what new thing I wanted to try. I searched for new things to do in Ohio. (Side note: Since I happen to be in Ohio, I wanted to go to the Rock ‘n’ Roll Hall of Fame. (Can you believe I lived in Ohio for all those years, and never went to the Rock ‘n’ Roll Hall of Fame?) But my dad couldn’t get the day off work. I knew it would be more fun to do something with him. So, alas, some other time.

As I was searching for new things to do, I found this awesome blog – which I definitely think anyone should reference when she wants to do something fun in Ohio. From the blog, I got the fabulous idea for SkyRobics.

What is SkyRobics, you ask? Well, it’s aerobics in the sky (well, partly in the sky – on trampolines).

We went to this big trampoline park where 12 trampolines are put together with tilted trampoline walls and pads between the trampolines. Then an instructor leads the class.

One of the very first things we did was walk over to the foam pit. We had to do 2 laps walking around the foam pit!

Aurora De Lucia posing with her trampoline shoes
Getting ready for class, posing with the nifty trampoline shoes

I cannot get across to you how difficult it was to walk around the pit! You may think it would be easy. “Oh, it’s just some light foam, how hard can it be to frolic in it?”

Well, the problem with it being just some light foam, is that it’s just some light foam! You’re trying to maneuver yourself through this cloud basically. So you just sink in so easily. So, it’s like this constant climbing out of this thing that’s sucking you in.

While out of breath, I said that least I’m getting a glimpse of, and a little practice for, what it will be like if I’m ever in an avalanche. As my dad was disappearing below the foam, he said now he knew he’d just die in one.

Somehow we all made it out of there and went back to the main trampoline area.

I think the hardest part about SkyRobics was not the cardio, but the balance! I like to think I have pretty good balance. I studied musical theater. So, I did my share of dance in the day. Of course balance is important in that.

But balance on a trampoline felt totally different to me than balance on the ground. It’s hard!

The teacher had us do suicides (quickly running down to the end and back, then 3/4 of the way and back, 1/2 and back, 1/4 and back.). We had to shuffle side to side (again, way harder on a trampoline than on the ground).

Then, he set up different exercises in 4 corners – different kinds of jumps and leg and arm work. You’d do your exercise in your corner for 30 seconds. The teacher would yell, “switch!” And then you’d run as quickly as you could to the other corner and do the new exercise.

How my dad felt after class.
How my dad felt after class.

And you did the rotation 3 times!

Toward the end, we even did a running thing where we were supposed to bounce off the wall(!), then run to the other end, bounce off that wall, repeat, repeat, and on and on.

In the last 10 minutes or so, we ended with some dodgeball.

My dad and I had the very best time.

He’d been a little hesitant at first. But, he was ready to go back after it was over.

It was a tough (and awesome!) workout, and I’d love to do it again! It cost less than $5! And I’m pretty sure that would get me in some very cool shape with fun new skills.

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