Okay, I SORT OF See The Value Of Facebook

July 12, 2013

facebook like button

Here’s one last post sort of having to do with that theater party that I didn’t get a chance to write with all the twitter hubbub.

You may have heard me deride Facebook many times, ’cause it’s really just not my favorite thing. However, one thing that theater party showed me was that it maybe, might, sort of, kind of have value in certain circumstances.

I had multiple people come up to me throughout the night – many of whom I hadn’t spoken to in months, if not years – who said, “I saw you’re up to this and that on Facebook!”

People I really do like, but just haven’t stayed well connected with, were still paying attention to my life! And they actually seemed kind of interested in it. One person even re-enacted some of my facial expressions from The Price is Right for me!

A couple of people even said, “Please keep posting there! I like hearing what you’re up to.”

(Side note: In conversation, I actually didn’t mention disliking Facebook or posting less, but since I’m never quiet about my bleh-ness for the social network, people have probably seen me me sort of hate on Facbeook, and know I’m trying to cut down on the posts on my personal page.)

So, I guess Facebook perhaps is a bit little valuable in that sense. It’s also a little weird in that sense. But instead of weirding me out, it actually sort of warmed my heart that these people I enjoyed were taking an interest in my life – even if it was an interest from afar.

So, there you have it. I saw first hand that Facebook is, I suppose, doing its job.

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