I Love My New iPad!

July 13, 2013

apple-ipad-mini-prI got an iPad!

I’d been wanting one forever, but always had an excuse to wait.

After all, it was kind of a extravagant purchase. I mean, really. I have a Mac. I have an iPhone. What am I doing with an iPad?

Everything. Everything is what I’m doing. I knew it would be wonderful to have one, but now that I actually do have it, I can tell you some of the wonders it holds.

(Well, mainly it holds wonders. As hard as it is to believe, it’s actually not completely and totally perfect. But, (gasp)! Some of that is actually twitter’s fault, and not the iPad’s. (We’ll get to that soon.)

Now, some of the wonders.

I mainly bought the iPad for 2 things:

1) I spend a huge portion of my life on a bus. My phone is too small to do some of things on. My computer is too big to always lug around/try to work with on the bus. In comes the perfect solution. I can read a plethora of articles. (Oh, I love the Pocket app so very much.)

But way more important than reading, I can draft blog posts (or emails, or whatever I want to write) on the bus! (That was the main point. Because really, who wants to do most of their reading on a screen? (- she says to people reading her words on a screen.))

(Note: In the time between drafting and publishing this post, I’ve had a bit more time with my iPad, and I’ll admit, I read voraciously on it (far, far (far) more than I draft anything on it)… I’m not going to be able to see in 10 years.)

2) Television at the gym! Yes, usually there are televisions in gyms. But televisions in the gym aren’t always showing what you want to watch. Even if you have your own screen attached to your treadmill, you might not be at the gym at a time when something you like is on.

And yes, my iPhone gets hulu. But the screen is pretty small. Here comes the iPad saving the day! It’s like a small TV full of possibilities – with closed captioning large enough to read if you’d like to listen to music off your iPhone while you run, and still watch shows!

The iPad definitely does the two things I bought it for. I cannot tell you how happy I was watching The Daily Show on the treadmill. (How great of a job is John Oliver doing as temporary host, by the way?)

But little did I know when I got the iPad – not only would it do the lovely things I wanted it to do… it would be like my phone, only better when it came to apps! My apps are so huge now! And it’s so much fun to swipe my hand across the iPad. It’s like magic!

I just really love it. I got the iPad mini (in white with 32 gigs for you curious folks). It’s so light. It’s big enough to make everything easily readable/see-able/watchable, but small enough to hold in one hand.

It’s big enough to type on, basically like a normal keyboard while in landscape. It’s small enough to type on like a phone (with your thumbs) while in portrait.

I’ve only had it for about two weeks. But I think that’s enough time to judge. It’s even better than I imagined – which is hard to think about, because even in my imagination it was one of the greatest inventions known to humankind.

So, happy birthday to me! (Yes, it was two weeks ago, but this was my birthday present. That’s how it relates.) If you are on the fence on whether to get an iPad, I say take the leap!

And if you have any iPad apps that I just must have, please tell me about them in the comments!

I'd love to hear from you! So whaddya say?