What Should This Blog Be Titled?

July 22, 2013

This was a random photo taken at a recent barbecue when they ran out of hot dogs before I got one, and I decided to just eat the bun.. I thought it could double as a "What to do, y'all?" type photo for this post...
This was a random photo taken at a recent barbecue when they ran out of hot dogs before I got one, and I decided to just eat the bun.. I thought it could double as a “What to do, y’all?” type photo for this post…

If you’re not a usual commenter on the blog, but you think about jumping in sometimes, I would love for today to be a day you do it!

I am very slowly working through branding – trying to revamp the blog and social media profiles a bit at a time as I get the resources/time to do that. One of the things I’ve been thinking about, as I’ve been brainstorming on the redesign for the blog, is what should the official title be?

Colloquially, short-hand, it’s known as “Aurora’s Blog.” That’s the twitter handle (and username for practically all other social media profiles). That’s also the domain name.

And I like it. It’s short. It’s clear. It’s my blog. That’s what you’re getting.

But who is Aurora? If I’m listed in a blog directory, or you find me out of nowhere, “Aurora’s Blog” means nothing to you. Granted, how many people are finding me in blog directories? Maybe not many, but some are. (I can see how some people click onto this site.)

Right now, the official title is, “My Heart Was Stopped; I Cannot Be.” I have all of the exact same feelings about that as when I first came up with it. I think it’s a bit on the long side, and a bit on the obnoxious side. But I also think it’s sort of interesting and pretty much encompasses open-heart surgery, but trying to move forward.

Even back when I was first naming the blog, I knew I wouldn’t be talking about running forever. It’s a hobby that I love, but my life is so much more. And I knew the idea of trying to move forward in life and do cool stuff could all fall under the big umbrella of “My Heart Was Stopped; I Cannot Be.”

But is that memorable? Is that lovable?

Also, how long am I going to talk about my heart? We’ve exhausted the story. I ran a lot to get over it. Life’s about more than my heart. (Though I will say, I kid you not, I went to a random blog name generator just to see what it would say. And when I hit the generate name button, it said, “Heart Times.”)

As I was googling and trying to learn more about blog names, I came across this post about some nice blog names. I love the idea of a travel blog titled “Where’s My Toothbrush?”

But currently, I can’t think of anything that cute that describes my blog well. Part of the problem is that my blog is not that specific. I might want to talk about musicals and/or performing one day, a marathon or bike race the next, followed by a post on women or society, plus who knows what else in between.

For me, my blog is not, “Hey, I’m a runner. And by the way, my name’s Aurora.”
My blog is (snaps the spotlight over to herself, arms out, eyes to the balcony), “Hello, world! My name’s Aurora. And I happen to keep a blog.”

(As soon as I typed that, I started to think of plays on my favorite musical titles or song titles, etc. And while that might be so lovely, it could be misleading, ’cause I don’t talk about entertainment nearly as much as an entertainment blogger would (or at least I don’t right now). However, if you have a great one, don’t shy away from suggesting it! No idea is bad. We’re all just brainstorming here.)

Of course, the most memorable blog I know is simply titled, “This Is Andrew’s Blog.” Why is it so memorable? Because it has the most incredible theme song that is constantly getting stuck in my head!

Perhaps I need a theme song.

So what should I call the blog? Should I just let it be called “Aurora’s Blog” and put a description on the homepage about who I am, clueing people in. Or should I get a catchy/cute title (and what would that be)? Should I leave “My Heart Was Stopped; I Cannot Be”? I need some help, y’all.

So, if you have any ideas or thoughts, please comment! (Or email, Facebook, tweet, whatever you want.)

Thank you!

2 thoughts on “What Should This Blog Be Titled?”

    1. Nope, no nicknames.

      The domain name isn’t going to change. So, in that sense I think the title could possibly be long, and it wouldn’t matter that much. But I do agree with you that it’s longer than I want it to be. I think at the moment I’m going to go with Aurora’s blog, and if anyone comes up with a name that blows my mind or if I think of something great, I’ll just change it later. I mean, I’d like to not keep changing the blog name, because I want to build a brand and keep it consistent. But, things changes, I suppose.

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