Thank You For All Your Kindness/Helpfulness

August 4, 2013

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When I wrote posts a few days ago about college woes, and being in a somewhat stuck and what-do-I-do position, I wondered if it’s something I should even be talking about.

As you’ve seen, I’m pretty super open on the blog. But still, that doesn’t mean you need to hear my each and every thought.

As I was drafting those posts, I thought, “I’m supposed to at least sort of have my life together!” I probably shouldn’t be showing such current vulnerability on the blog.

But, I did it anyway. Partly because the blog is about my life, so why not share what I’m thinking about/looking into right now. Partly because sometimes when I open up my current struggles or thoughts people respond with great insights and help. But mostly because I’ve sort of started assuming no one’s reading anymore.

That makes it easier not to get too terribly wrapped up whether my content is interesting, too vulnerable, or anything else. Of course, that’s also a scary place to be. Many times, bloggers who start assuming no one is reading get too cavalier, maybe a little too opinionated or who knows what else – and then they rile a) the internet b) their life or c) all of the above.

But, as of now, I think things are still cool.

Anyway, I just wanted to say thanks because you are still reading! The next time I checked my email after posting those posts, I already had comments from two different people!

So, thank you for not abandoning me in a floaty/exploratory phase. And thank you for adding to the conversation – and for doing so in such a kind and supportive way instead of yelling at me to figure it out, or to give up on being educated as though my ship has already sailed (or anything along those lines).

(Not that I want to say I expect that from people. But, you know. It’s the internet. And I was mildly nervous.)

You are lovely, dear blog readers.

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