Droppin’ Out Like It’s Hot

August 5, 2013

Kanye West sitting in college bleachers in mascot costume without the bear head on
photo credit: Kanye West College Dropout photoshoot

I know, I know. So much college talk lately. I have 2 more posts (counting this one) about college. And then we’re moving on (until I update you about the class I’m taking).

I’ve kind of been exploring the reasons I’ve always sort of had this pull/push with college.

Have you ever noticed that there’s often this crazy pride people have when they announce, “I don’t need no college!”

I am not above that pride.

I have some pants that read, “school of hard knocks.” I also once put “dropping out like it’s hot” on some online profile in the space for my college major.

Kanye West (whom I used to love and be totally inspired by) was always talking about how he dropped out.

There’s some kind of pride that drop-outs wear – like what? Like maybe we’re better than college? Or perhaps we got out of it – outsmarting those poor suckers who didn’t know how to beat the system.

Or are we totally overcompensating because we know we hit some random pocket where we can have a pretty nice life without a college education – knowing we’re totally the exception, not the norm (and knowing all those suckas have lots of opportunities that we might not).

I don’t completely understand the pride of being able to stand up and say, “I chose not to be as educated as I could’ve been!” Nonetheless, I’ve felt it, and I’ve bellowed it out to the world.

One random thing about this: P. Diddy was a college dropout,, and obviously really made something of himself. Yet, when he had that reality show to find an assistant, he required that all applicants have a degree… I thought that was odd.

I have no conclusion to this post, just wondering aloud why sometimes we so highly exalt the dropouts – and why we dropouts act like we’re the coolest kids (not) in school.

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