Price Is Right Contestant Strategies – Part 1 (You Have All The Time You Need)

August 24, 2013

Aurora De Lucia in line at The Price is RightIf you’re looking for ideas on how to become a contestant on Price is Right, go to this post.

For what to do after your name is called, stay here. since Price is Right has recently been brought up all over again, people have been asking me if I have any advice for people once they’ve made it down to contestants’ row.

I could talk Price is Right games and strategies all day long. I’m a total game show fanatic. But I’m boiling it down to 4 posts (which yes, I realize is still a lot).

Be smart and listen in contestants’ row. When the last person to bid places her or his bid in some crazy out of the blue place, I just think “What are you doing?! You’ve already been given these great parameters by everyone else. So, do you think it’s below everyone, above everyone, or in between a range that’s been established? Bid accordingly.”

Some people don’t believe in bidding $1 over someone else. To me, that’s just not smart game play. If you were playing Monopoly and landed on Park Place, would you not buy it because you felt bad that your opponents didn’t have the same luck with the dice that you did?

Would you stick yourself with 15 extra points in Phase 10, because you refuse to use a skip card since that’s too mean?

headerWhenever we play any games, some amount of luck is involved. You receiving some luck means that during certain times you’ll have advantages over other players in the game. I don’t think it’s mean to use those advantages. I think it’s smart.

I know I’ve already talked on that subject before, so I won’t keep belaboring the point. Just seems silly to me not to use what you got.

And if you don’t use strategy while bidding, most of us viewers at home will be yelling at you. But, do what you want. I’m not the boss of you.

So, contestants’ row. Really pay attention. Sometimes when I watch the show, it seems like some people aren’t listening at all, and they’re just grabbing random numbers they thought of when the prize was revealed.

If you’re first to bid, you don’t have much choice other than to do that. But everyone else should be listening.

I know it is crazy at Price is Right. Tension is high Nerves are running wild. And it truly is hard to hear in there.

If you can’t hear what’s going on, just ask! Ask Drew if he can remind you what’s just been bid, and he will.

bidding in contestant's rowIt’s better to feel like you look a little silly, or to feel a little stupid for asking, than to miss out on an opportunity to get onstage – just because you’re scared.

Now let’s say you get onstage.

My biggest piece of advice to myself that really helped me: “You have all the time in the world.”

I just kept reminding myself of that.

It’s easy on game shows to feel rushed, but that’s where you make stupid mistakes. Some of the games are timed on Price is Right, but most of them are not.

Take an extra breath and really ask yourself, “What do I honestly think this costs? Even if I don’t know the cost of that specific prize, do I have any field of reference at all that can help me?”

Or “What should be my strategy for this game?” (Although you should’ve already thought about the answer to the second question on many games at home/in line.)

This is where I’ll pick up tomorrow.

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