Price Is Right Contestant Strategies – Part 2 (Know About The Gameplay)

August 25, 2013

I really have no idea in contestant's rowPicking up from yesterday –

You’re not always going to know what the price of something is.

Sure, there are psychological pricing strategies companies use.

And that kind of stuff might be helpful to you if you need to guess the exact price of a car, which can get sort of muddled and hard – especially when it comes to the last 3 numbers.

But really, those 3 numbers could basically be anything.

Sometimes I think you just need luck.

Then there are some things that are used over and over again on Price is Right. How many times have I seen Gold Bond lotion used? I feel like it’s used in practically every grocery game.

So, if you’re going to The Price is Right, maybe learn how much that costs. (Heads up: Sometimes they use the regular formula and sometimes the diabetic one – which have two different prices.)

That’s another thing – sometimes there will be slightly different versions of things they use. I’ve seen Chevy Cruzes with fewer features for less money. Unless you practically live Price is Right, you’re probably not going to be able to know all the ins and outs of every grocery product, car, and trip they might ask you about.

But, they use a lot of the same cars, and a lot of the same grocery items. (Watch the Price is Right for a couple of weeks, and you’ll see what those things are.)

So, even though things may be changed up a little, you should be able to usually make a somewhat educated guess. (Though of course I know there are curveballs, and there are always items even I as a frequent watcher do not recognize. Good luck with those.)


Knowing strategy can be just as important as knowing the prices.

For one game specifically – please, if you go to Price is Right, understand the main idea behind how to play Pay the Rent.

There is nothing more frustrating while watching the show than to see someone waste a chance at $100,000 by putting the lowest price grocery item in the mailbox.

This video explains how you’re supposed to play that game.

Basically, to sum it up in case you don’t want to watch that video (or don’t know the game), you have to place prizes in a house so that each level adds up to more than what’s on the level before. There are 4 levels, with each of the middle levels having 2 spots.

So, the 2nd level must be more than the 1st – but the first only has one spot for an item. The 2nd level has two spots.

Why would you waste your least expensive item on the 1st level (in the mailbox), when you could get rid of a more mid-level priced item, still easily being able to outspend it when adding two grocery items together on the next level?

That way, you save your least expensive item to be paired with one more on the expensive end to keep your middle levels low – which will help you leave space for the most expensive item, which must stand alone in the attic.

it's getting serious now

Price is Right actually has played some versions now where you could place the items from least to most expensive and still win.

(I think they eased up that game a bit because no one was playing with the correct strategy, therefore no one was winning.

The game came out in Sept. 2010. In April 2013 someone finally won. The person won by going from least to most expensive grocery items, ’cause I think Price is Right was ready to just have someone win.)

The chances of you playing Pay the Rent are very small. So, don’t sweat it too much. Just please if you do play it, don’t put the ramen noodles in the mailbox. ‘Cause really, why do that?

I’ll pick up here tomorrow.

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