Taxes Aren’t The Only Expense With A Car

August 29, 2013

Just a reminder, if you read yesterday’s post in email form, I accidentally sent you an earlier draft, in which I hadn’t yet turned it into two posts. Therefore, this will be VERY familiar, as it’s just the 2nd half of yesterday’s (if that makes sense).

Okay, this is the last money (as it pertains to the car) post that I plan on doing, ’cause it’s all basically been said. And who wants to talk about money all the time anyway. Right?

However, just to try to solidify my position that selling the car was the right choice (and hopefully convince anyone who’s somehow still on the fence) –

If we forget about how much I wanted to pay off my debt, I’ve already mentioned that taxes made it very cost-prohibitive to keep the car. But taxes aren’t the only reason to sell it.

Not only would I have had to get over paying the taxes, I would’ve had to re-do my entire budget to keep up with the costs of having a car in general.

I got quotes for car insurance for the semi-young person I am, who hasn’t had insurance in over 3 years (which is the time frame all the companies ask about), who lives in downtown Los Angeles – and needs collision coverage on a brand new car.

My quotes were over $200/month.

I could’ve possibly tried to finagle it more or kept pushing options down to have the very, very bare minimum coverage. But how would that have really helped if I’d gotten in an accident. (Which let’s get real, with my driving in L.A. was practically bound to happen.)

So, that’s just insurance. Add gas (a lot). Add parking ($100/month just for a spot in my own building, not to mention you have to park at meters or in garages out here which all adds up).

It was going to be over $500/month to keep this car. $500/month I’m not currently paying. Sure, I wouldn’t have to pay $90/month for a Metro pass. So, that’s something. (Though in reality, I’m sure I’d still take it sometimes.)

And I could’ve tried to change everything around. But to me, it didn’t seem worth it to sacrifice in other areas so I could drive. What? Am I gonna stop traveling, going to Cory Booker fundraisers, and do whatever other fun things I like to do – just so I can drive instead of take public transport? (Am I gonna try to take out fun to not even replace it with other fun, but with the stress that comes from driving?)

I am SO thankful for my Price is Right car. Seriously. I know in rationalizing getting rid of it, it maybe doesn’t read that way. But it was a beyond-words incredible experience. And I am really glad it’s in the family. ‘Cause in non-LA, I don’t mind driving so terribly much.

Going on the show, a car was what I’d always dreamed of winning. To me, that is the American Dream – having the Price is Right announcer (currently George Gray) tell you you’re going to play for a brand new car!

I wanted the car because a) I think those are generally the most exciting games, b) the net amount you walk away with, with the car, is more than the amount you’re likely to walk away in most of the straight money games. (Yes, I know there are anomalies in the cash money games. Technically, in Plinko you could win $50,000 – but really, when does that ever happen?) c) as I said, to me it’s the American dream (or at least one of them – the American Price is Right dream).

(As far as any other options besides a car or money go – what would I have done with a dining room set or a hot tub?)

I am beyond pleased that my total Price is Right dream came true. But I knew before I even walked in the building I’d be selling it. And I think that was definitely the smart choice.

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