Where Are All The Women In Breaking Bad?

September 21, 2013

breaking-bad-all-charactersNot to hate on Vince Gilligan, because he’s made something wonderful.

But it’s actually distracting to me how few women there are. Does that distract you during Breaking Bad as well?

Let’s see. Who are the women? We’ve got two wives, Jesse’s girlfriends, the receptionist at Ted’s company, Saul’s assistant, Hank’s assistant. And that’s basically it.

Wives, girlfriends, and assistants/secretaries. Where are the female drug dealers? There’s a whole chain of command and women aren’t any part of it? The guy who plays Gus does a fabulous job, but that could easily be a woman. Or what about all those henchmen? Could any of them be women?

What about in the DEA? Hank, his partner, his superiors – men, men, men. Yes, I saw a background actor in a DEA scene that was a woman. How exciting.

Even the three business owners who sponsored the fun run – all men!

The police officer not in the DEA who’s looking into the murder… a man.

Granted, there’s Wendy who acted as Jesse’s alibi. She’s interesting and I’m glad she’s there. But I’m just wondering where all the other women are.

Even when I watch Orange is The New Black – a show in a women’s prison (so you’d think there might not be a lot of men), there seems to be a better balance of their underrepresented gender than there is on Breaking Bad.

I would’ve really liked to have seen more badass women – on either side, the DEA or the drug side.

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