Protecting My Precious Berklee Catalog Year – Part 2 (So How Do You Go Part Time?)

September 25, 2013

Aurora at a mixing board
(I never got any pictures of me in a studio at school, so here’s me later at a studio in LA)

Picking up from yesterday

We’ve established I need to go to Berklee part-time.

So, let’s get into the details.

The requirement at Berklee to go part-time is that one of the following must apply to you. You must:

– have fewer than 12 credits remaining to graduate
– have fewer than 24 credits remaining, but two sequential classes left to take
– have a medical issue
– take an internship

I figured I was golden with the fewer than 24 credits remaining thing. As I’ve mentioned in the blog, I got out of a bunch of credits with various tests and things. I tested out, and transferred in, my way out of three semesters.

I have fewer than twenty-four credits remaining, and I have two sequential classes in MP&E (Music Production and Engineering). Golden right? Wrong.

Technically, I started a dual major immediately before I left. (I got accepted to ELPD (Electronic Production & Design) in my last semester there.) While I can graduate from the school in two semesters and fewer than 24 credits, I can’t if I do both majors.

But I can’t drop Electronic Production and Design.

Aurora at the console in the recording studio from the backThere are only two majors at Berklee to which you must apply separately (outside of your normal application to the school). They are Music Production & Engineering, and Electronic Production & Design.

They are highly competitive majors and they’re regarded well. If someday I graduate from Berklee, I’d like to have a dual major in those.

…But if I were to officially drop ELPD, I’d have to apply all over again if I wanted to add it!

It’s hard enough to get in the first time. I’d rather just stay in.

And yes, I tried to fight using the train of thought that if you have enough sequential semesters remaining, with still an average of fewer than 12 credits needed per each of those semesters, that you should be able to be granted part-time status. But my counselor was not down with that – as I’ll discuss  tomorrow.

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