My First Hit Tweet!

October 2, 2013

Breaking Bad tweetOh twitter. My favorite/most stressful thing.

For the first time since I got twitter, I thought of a great joke/tweet in a timely fashion(!).

Best of all, I didn’t see anyone who beat me to it.

So, on the first day of the government shutdown, I tweeted around 4 in the morning.

I didn’t want to give more time for people to tweet the joke before I did, but wanted to tweet in the “business hours” of twitter so people might see it.

In case you’re wondering how 4am falls in correct twitter hours, it’s the east coast’s 7am. I usually go by east coast time when it comes to twitter. And tweeters seem to sort of be early risers.

So, I tweeted the joke about the government/Breaking Bad you see above (or at least a very close proximation of it). (If you can’t see the photo, it says, “Now that Breaking Bad’s over, even the government’s like “eh, what’s the point anymore?” #GovernmentShutDown”)

All right, let’s sit back and let all the retweets, favorites, and hardy har hars come in for my great twitter joke now that I’ve finally made one!

Nothing. Nothing at all.

I went to bed after work. Woke up. Still nothing! Rargh.

I went through the day like normal, tweeting other stuff, whatever.

Then, as I was sitting at work waiting for footage to digitize, I thought, “No. That joke was funny. How did it not even get a single favorite?” On the off chance I was correct that it was funny, and that perhaps I sent it at the wrong time, I decided to try one more time.

This time, I tagged Betsy Brandt in the tweet because she’s very active on twitter and absolutely awesome at interacting with fans. I figured if anyone would retweet it, she would.

I thought perhaps I missed my window. This was the end of the 1st day of the government shut down. And in twitter terms a whole day can feel like an eternity. But why not just try it? Worst case scenario, she’ll just ignore it and everyone else will as well.

Right after I sent it, I lost a follower who probably thought, “Why are you tweeting your own jokes all over again?!”

BUT I woke up to a billion retweets! (That’s an exaggeration.) However, Betsy Brandt did retweet my tweet! Then a bunch of other people did.

So now I’m rich, gorgeous, and funny. (Actually, none of those things happen from retweets. But retweets make me feel that way! :-))

I feel fulfilled and vindicated that my tweet was in fact funny (even if none of my actual followers retweeted it)! I’ve actually cracked the barrier on over 100 people retweeting a single tweet of mine!

(I even gained 4 new followers. So suck on that person who unfollowed me.)

But you know what this means, right? I can’t ever tweet again. How do I top that?

Oh well. Throw the confetti, dance all night, ’cause I had my first hit tweet, baby!

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