…But I Loved Marie

October 8, 2013

BetsyBrandt(If you came here from some random place, I’ve been talking about Breaking Bad. The post before this one was about Skyler.)

I may not have been too keen on Skyler (or even been totally positive how I felt about her), but I knew I loved Marie.

*spoilers coming*

But here is the totally hypocritical, awful question I have to ask myself.

Betsy Brandt who plays Marie is gorgeous! To me, she is almost the epitome of beauty. Her cheekbones are fabulous. She has a pretty smile. Her hair color is perfect, and her hair seems to always land perfectly around her face. I look at her and am already on her side.

I like to believe that I liked Marie because she was a well fleshed out character (as well as someone could be with her amount of screen time). She was overall very kind to her family (even if she did have a thing with her sister about who gets more attention – ’cause really, who doesn’t?).

I thought the shoplifting thing was interesting. Sure, it was a flaw. But I felt for Marie, so I allowed her flaw without judgement. I also thought it was nice that in my opinion she was kind of understated. You could feel stuff going on with her without it being hammered on too much.

My goodness, when she was going through Hank’s recovery, I just felt for her SO much!

But my question is, was she one of the only people on the show I really cared about because she was a character worth caring about – or because she was so gorgeous that I couldn’t help but care about her?

Granted, I cared deeply about Hank too. No disrespect at all to Dean Norris, but he’s no Betsy Brandt (as I’m sure even he would tell you).

So, I don’t know. Did you care about Marie, or am I blinded by her attractiveness?

I'd love to hear from you! So whaddya say?