All Photo Things Should Be Done On iPads

Sunday, October 13th, 2013
Aurora opening her iPad

(My excitement after getting my iPad :-))

Am I right?

I understand why that’s not always feasible. You don’t necessarily want to be the person whipping out an iPad at a concert.

(Although quite honestly, the Samsung Galaxies are getting so humongous, it’s basically the same as getting out an iPad mini – which is what I have, thank you very much.)

I’m always doing so much on my phone. My goodness, I’m practically living on it. (That is where Twitter mainly lives, after all.) Sometimes I’ll tweet or instagram a picture that I just know looks good. But then I see it on an iPad (or computer), and it’s like I’m looking at a whole different world!

Everything looks different to me. Eyes, teeth, all of it.

Sometimes I literally get startled when I see a photo of mine from Twitter or Facebook on an iPad. I look like that? Oh boy! I should’ve put a filter on, or chosen a different photo where my teeth look better, etc.

Instead of having shocking horrible realizations after the fact, I should just start by taking all pictures on an iPad. Then, nothing’s a surprise!

Whether that’s super feasible (since phones are smaller and can easily be taken along on hikes, or marathons, or whatever) is a different question… But it’s a good thought, I think.

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