I Saw Eric McCormack In Concert & He Was Spectacular! Part 1 (He’s An Exceptional Storyteller)

October 14, 2013

Eric McCormack singing in his one man show "The Concert I Never Gave..." at the El Portal TheatreI can’t even…

The concert was so very amazing! I don’t know where to begin or what to say.

Also, Eric McCormack is such a spectacular storyteller that I don’t even know how to do blog posts anymore. No one else should be allowed to tell stories but him.

(Okay, obviously at this point, I’m somewhat exaggerating because other people should still be allowed to tell stories… I suppose. But my goodness, he was awesome.)

And he was so very lovable. No wonder he works all the time. I imagine he walks into a room and you just love him. Immediately. I wonder if he’s always had that quality, or if it grew as his confidence probably grew throughout his life.

He had this way of telling these phenomenal stories – such as Elton John christening the baby grand piano in Eric’s house (which was a gift, by the way, from Yamaha), or Burton Cummings performing at Eric’s induction onto the Canadian Walk of Fame – these grand, incredible stories that we mere mortals only dream about… and yet, he kept us on his side.

It felt as though those things were as incredible to him as they would’ve been to us. He made himself really seem like any one in the audience, as opposed to “Eric McCormack – famous, fabulous actor man.”

Eric McCormack leaning down and singing earnestly during his concert "The Concert I Never Gave..." at the El Portal Theatre.(Side note: He told us about this little group of his from high school that had done Godspell together. Now four of them are out working in the business – still. In their 50s. Is that, or is that not, what we all dreamed about in high school?)

After the first song of the show, he explained how singing had been a fantasy of his forever. He told us this extremely detailed and lovely story of his boyhood room, and the way he’d set it up as he pretended to be a rockstar. He even set up a fake drum set made of pillows.

He painted us this vivid picture of his passion for music – and most importantly, for performing it in front of a crowd. He made us feel like we were part of his dream coming true. He totally had us in the palm of his hand for the whole rest of the night – which I can’t wait to tell you all about tomorrow.


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