I Saw Eric McCormack In Concert & He Was Spectacular! Part 2 (We’re All Gonna Be Okay)

October 15, 2013

Eric McCormack onstage, leaning back, playing a tennis racket like it's a guitar at The Concert I Never Gave... in Los Angeles Picking up from yesterday

In addition to totally entertaining me, he also really inspired me. He was telling this story about moving to L.A. right before his 30th birthday.

I don’t really think the point of that story was to live your dreams and such. That was just the whole setting up part of the story.

But as he was setting up the story, he was talking about how he was acting in Canada, and he knew in his heart he was just afraid to make the big move to Los Angeles. How often does that happen to us, right?

How often do we settle for what we’re doing instead of what we’re dying to do? “Yeah, I’m living life…” knowing you want more.

“I’m just gonna wait until I get that nose job and I’ll look better in the photos…” (Or whatever our excuses are for not doing whatever it is we want to do.)

He was acting, after all. But he wasn’t Will Truman yet. Then he took the leap. And for some reason his story (which, again, wasn’t really meant to inspire us… if I remember correctly, it was a lead up to talking about Will & Grace) made me want to conquer the world!

I also loved that he didn’t even move here until he turned 30. I don’t know you about you but some days I get a little wrapped up in the rejection of it all, and I think, “I am SO old. It is over, is it not? Jennifer Lawrence has a freaking Oscar. Just put me in a home already.”

Of course, I always remind myself of people who did amazing things with their lives, and weren’t super young when they did them.

Eric McCormack in front of band and blue backdrop at the mic, singing a ballad during "The Concert I Never Gave" at the El Portal Theatre Los AngelesBut it can get stressful since our society idolizes youth, and every single second that goes by is a second that’s now gone. Sorry, I’m not trying to stress you (or me) out.

The point is, I found it very heartwarming, and lovely, and good-feeling to hear about him moving here at 30. And he didn’t make himself sound like he had it super together back then.

Everything’s gonna be okay, everybody. That’s what I took away. For some reason, Eric McCormack made me really feel that everything was going to be okay (as long as we all took our leaps).

I’m so not done talking about this show. So, more is coming on Thursday.

Since my guess is, tomorrow we will be talking about New Jersey’s brand new senator! (In case you haven’t heard, the special election is tomorrow. Mayor (for now) Cory Booker is running for the seat!)

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