Some People Think I Like Cory Booker, ‘Cause He’s Sexy

Wednesday, October 16th, 2013
Aurora De Lucia smiling with Cory Booker

(This is from a fundraiser, from when he was still Mayor of Newark. Photo credit: Mona Brooks)

Congrats to Senator-elect Booker!

So, I’m obviously a big fan of Cory Booker’s.

There are some freak outs from me on twitter, this blog, and basically everywhere from the first time he tweeted me – and made me a video(!), the time I met him, and more.

Because, you know, it’s all really super freakishly amazingly cool!

But, because of that, some people think I’m more of a crazy, screaming fan of a rockstar, as opposed to an overwhelmed, exited supporter of a politician.

(Let’s get real, I would certainly react the same way if Hillary Clinton was tweeting me. (Granted Hillary Clinton = obviously sexy.))

Some people seem to think I think of Cory Booker as I dunno, Ryan Gosling or any of those Ryan movie stars – some hunky, hunky, hunk hunk.

Now, I don’t want to take anything at all away from Cory Booker. He’s amazing – absolutely incredible. However, sexy never really comes to my mine when I think of him – I think more along the lines of super dork. Have you heard him talk about Star Trek?

Aurora and Cory Booker shaking hands

photo credit: Mona Brooks

Not that that can’t be sexy. Usually, when someone asks me what I want in a guy, I say the nerdier the better. So, you know, that can be its own kind of sexiness.

But, why do I really like Cory Booker?

I love that he starts a lot of social conversations with actions. The food stamp challenge, gun buyback programs, and many more.

He actively encourages people to get involved in the world around them. He’s not about just being the best he can be, but also elevating other people to be the best they can be. And if we are all a little better, our world gets a little better. Sounds like a good cycle to me.

Just as he encourages others to assume some accountability for their lives, and the lives around them – he totally practices what he preaches. He is constantly helping people on an individual level, and he helps his city on the whole. (Here’s a link to a document about 25 things he’s accomplished in Newark.)

He often talks about why it’s important to mentor a child. And he does! Even with his whole, you know, taking care of a city, he makes time to do what he says people should be doing. He really puts actions behind his words (and of course that’s wildly important).

Aurora De Lucia smiling so large while meeting Cory Booker

Photo credit: Mona Brooks

He’s also not afraid to fail! We got to see him lose an election in Street Fight. We see other failures as he tries stuff in front of us.

He just does things. He puts himself out there, knowing not every single thing will come out in the optimal scenario.

But he does stuff anyway, and doesn’t hide from any of it. We see the struggles. We see the failures. I think it’s refreshing and lovely to see that even the “perfect” people are nowhere near perfect.

Cory Booker is a great influence on me. Even after just following him on twitter, I feel like I’ve been more giving and patient. He inspires me all the time to be better, as he seems to strive to constantly be better himself.

…And, all of that is pretty sexy after all.

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