I Saw Eric McCormack In Concert & He Was Spectacular! Part 3 (A Great Performance (And A Hilarious Joke!))

October 18, 2013

Eric McCormack whipping his hair while playing the tennis racket as a guitar at his concert.Picking up from a few days ago

When Eric talked about moving to L.A., he had this hilarious line that made me laugh way too hard. Oh my gosh, I’m laughing just typing it!

He said his friends in Canada were all, “Isn’t it weird out there with no seasons?” And he said [*pause to laugh some more*] – he says, “There are seasons! There’s pilot season, mid-season…” Bahahahaha. My head just fell down on my laptop with laughter.

One of the things I hate about LA is its lack of seasons, and I bring it up a fair amount. Now for the rest of time, anytime I’m sad I don’t have snow, I can just think of that joke… which I will use constantly now (with proper annotation to the genius Eric McCormack.)

The night was funny because he said he’s more of a b-side guy. If you’d asked me, “Hey wanna go see a concert where some guy performs a bunch of old b-side songs you’ve probably never heard,” I would’ve probably been like “uhhhh….”

But, the night was perfect. It’s interesting how experiences can totally surprise you and be way different from the way they sound like on paper. He performed his heart out, and his stories that connected all the songs were precious. It was incredible. (I know that’s been said, but I’m just reiterating.)

I consider myself a pretty big Eric McCormack fan. I will watch any show he’s on. I loved Will & Grace. Trust Me was great. I adored him in The New Adventures of Old Christine. (I’m a little devastated there wasn’t one more season to see what would’ve happened there. In my mind, they were wildly happy together.) I’m head over heels for Perception. I went to see The Best Man on Broadway in large because of Eric McCormack.

I keep up on his twitter. I used to even check his official website back when he had one. All that was not to paint a picture of some care-way-too-much fan, which is kind of what I felt like I just did. But it’s to say that I thought I was pretty up on Eric McCormack. I was not! I had no idea that he’d written a song with Barry Manilow and performed it on a Will & Grace soundtrack. I didn’t even know there was a Will & Grace soundtrack!

Eric McCormack sweetly singing on stage right during his concert.The song is called Living with Grace, and it was lovely. The woman next to me even cried. (I actually wanted to cry a little, but I felt weird getting emotional at this show with so many hilarious moments and so much laughter and clapping and such.) The song is fabulous, and I sort of really want to buy that album now.

The one song I recognized from the show was What a Good Boy by the Barenaked Ladies. And I have to say – even though I am a humongous Barenaked Ladies fan, Eric’s was the best rendition I’d ever heard. It’s still in my head when I’m writing this many hours after the concert ended.

And I’ll finish up talking about the concert tomorrow.

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  1. Who knew? Wish I could have been there. Remember when we got to see Air Supply and the guy from Stix? Happy memory for me 🙂

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