Dressing In Costume For A Distance Race

October 30, 2013

Oh boy, oh boy.

This was the first time I’d dressed in costume for a distance race. As with most new experiences, I feel like I learned a few things. So, I thought today I’d share some general ideas/advice. But tomorrow I’ll talk more specifically about my costume.

I really wanted to dress as Wendy Davis because she’s awesome. However, this costume run was basically the last thing on my priority list with other life stuff going on. (It’s been a busy time at work.)

I felt like I kind of left things to the last minute. This is something I do not recommend. If possible, you should have time to run around in your costume for a bit of time. I got my costume at my door the night before the race. So, if it wasn’t perfect (which it totally wasn’t), I just had to deal and go.

Also, it’s smart to think your costume through, y’all. I saw someone running by with ET. He carried an ET doll in a crate for 13 freaking miles. (Or at least, I assume I did. I think it was around 6 when I saw him and he looked tired. I would’ve looked tired too! I do not have the kind of upper body strength to carry a little crate around for 13 miles. Uh huh. No way.

I also saw a few different people who had make up covering their entire face because they were mimes or rag dolls or what have you. These people looked pretty miserable around mile 7, with many wiping the color all around and off their face.

I’m sure these costumes were great ideas in theory. But don’t forget – you’re gonna sweat.

Granted, I saw a couple people who went all freaking out who looked great. If you can rock a green mask and a wig and whatever else you need for 13.1 miles, please, by all means, do it to it.

But for the rest of us mere mortals my piece of advice for myself and others in future years – do something easy to run in, practice in it early, and stay away from make up that’s gonna melt all over you.

Good luck, get creative, and please let me know your tips!

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