And That’s Why You Always Bid One Dollar Over!

November 3, 2013

Aurora De Lucia freaking out in contestants' row on The Price is RightThe other day, I watched an episode of The Price is Right on my DVR.

You know how I never realized until I went on the show how much disdain there was for people who dare bid $1 over someone in contestants’ row – but I’ve always been on the side of the person doing it…

Well, I saw an episode where the 3rd woman to bid said $500. The last woman to bid said $510. The actual retail price was $503!

That my friends is why you ALWAYS bid only $1 over. Seriously. I don’t care who thinks it’s “nice” or “fair” or whatever. It’s plenty fair because of the way they do the rotation and because that’s just smart gameplay strategy.

Does it suck to have someone bid $1 over you? Yes. I know because it happened to me in my first round down there! But I was totally fine with it, ’cause that’s how you play The Price is Right. That’s how it works.

I’m down with those bidding only $1 over. Learn from the mistake of Ms. $510. Be smart and strategic in contestants’ row. You only get a shot in contestants’ row once every 10 years (if you’re lucky). Make it count.

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