Getting Stood Up at Price is Right

November 12, 2013

From the only time I've ever actually seen a Price is Right taping (and won a car)
From the only time I’ve ever actually seen a Price is Right taping (and won a car)

I’m always hesitant to tell stories about other people on the blog – especially when I’m sort of calling them out. But you know how I be. I’m not gonna give any names or details that would lead to knowing who this person is.

So, I get a message from someone who reads my blog saying The Price is Right posts were helpful and he’s coming to L.A. and going to the show. He had a couple of specific questions. And he told me that he was going alone.

I was all, “You cannot go alone. No one ever gets picked when they’re all by themselves.” But he didn’t know anyone in Los Angeles. And none of his friends were flying out. So, I was all, “Well, maybe I can go with you.” He said he’d love that and really appreciate.

Now, at first I’ll admit I was a bit wishy-washy. My work load is sort of different from night to night. So sometimes I get home pretty early, sometimes I get home pretty darn late. I kind of wanted to wait to Monday night to see if I was gonna get to go home with enough time to try and sleep before Price is Right.

So, at first I was all, “count me tentatively in. Still try to find someone else. But if you still haven’t found someone else Monday night, depending on work, I’ll probably be down.”

Very non-commital and lame-California of me, I know.

I thought about it and wrote him not long after basically saying, “No. You know what? I love having new adventures. I LOVE going to The Price is Right. I love meeting new people. And I am constantly having trouble finding people to do stuff with. So, when someone writes and asks if I want to go to Price is Right, I need to be grateful. And the answer’s gotta be yes.”

I told him if someone he knew came through at the last minute to let me know, but that otherwise I would absolutely meet him Tuesday morning a bit before 8:30am and I was really excited to meet him.

So, Monday night/Tuesday morning gets here. I try to sleep but I’m so used to going to bed around 7am (or later) that it’s too much trouble to actually fall asleep. But I’m excited anyway. I keep telling myself how much I adore the energy at TPiR and how worth it this all-nighter’s gonna be.

7am comes. When I’d usually be going to bed, I’m putting my hair in pigtails and putting on a cute dress. I’m gonna be the best audience member/supporter there is! I trek down to CBS studios, arriving before 8:15. I text him. And wait. One more text. Wait some more.

45 minutes later, I get a text that he decided to go at 6:30 in the morning without me! I guess he was nervous and wanted to go in early or something. (Though he had guaranteed/priority tickets. So that was really unnecessary.)

Anyway, he’d turned in his voucher for two tickets already. So there was nothing left for me. Plus, they give you numbers at the beginning and keep you in that order all day. Even if there had been something left for me, I wouldn’t have gotten to be with him.

He was trying to say in texts that I might be able to get in without a ticket if not enough people showed. And it’s like, “Um, my goal is not to go to TPiR, but to go with YOU. I’m mainly here to help you out and only partially here for my own well-being.”

He seemed pretty uncaring when it actually happened. But later in the day, he did text me apologizing.

(He did not get called on stage… I’m telling you, you never go to Price is Right alone if you want a chance of getting called.)

So, I had a cranky day. (And I’m a wee bit cranky still, though much less so.) Tomorrow I’ll talk about trying to do an attitude adjustment on a cranky day.

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