Ugh, Waywire.

November 17, 2013

So you know how after Waywire was sold (after previous owner Cory Booker became a senator) and then immediately gutted the site with no warning whatsoever causing me to go into a total meltdown / breakdown / freak-out / cry-fest?

But THEN the magical, special, fabulous, beautiful, amazing geniuses on Cory Booker’s team recovered(!) the most precious video I’ve ever had?

Well, now Waywire’s annoying me even more (as if that’s possible). (Hey man, I’ve mentioned being cranky this week. If I’m cranky, I might as well go all out and just be cranky here too, right?)

So, Waywire sends this email to all of its previous people. Part of it reads:

“So,  please log in again:
[link to the website where really none of us should even go anymore because this is all preposterous – yeah, I said it]
(*you’ll need to create a new user name and password, just to update the database)”
Did you read that last part? – “You’ll need to create a new user name and password”
Yep, they tell you to log in and if you try, it helps you set up a whole new account. There has been literally no, “Oh, sorry we completely eviscerated all of your channels and videos with no warning whatsoever(!) Hope you’re all cool with that.”
Nope. Just, “Hey, there’ve been some changes at Waywire.” blah blah blah – hyping it, trying to make it sound exciting.
I mean, really, I got my video back. So I can’t be all that mad. However, I’m just a little mad that they don’t even care about their users at all! What kind of struggling company treats people this way? Certainly not one I’d ever use… and I’d love to hear what their retention rate is of people who actually go create entirely new accounts now that all their videos are done.
p.s. I did write this while I was still cranky. I’ve slept. I’ve ran. I’m no longer in a cranky mood, but I’ve gotta admit, even from a non-cranky perspective I’d say this post is justified because this whole thing is preposterous, right?!

1 thought on “Ugh, Waywire.”

  1. Ok, so here’s the thing, BEFORE waywire was sold, a notice should have been given to all waywire accts that all videos should be backed up by such and such date and include an explanation as to why. Assuming there was some legal reason they were not allowed to do that THEN the new owners should have sent a message to all members that they will have to update their accts by such and such date and that all current videos should be backed up because they may be lost in the transition (assuming they were hoping the transition would be seamless) they should have hoped for the best but prepared for the worst (think Obamacare website) IF there was ever a brainstorming meeting discussing the transition (kind of hope there wasn’t) one would have to wonder why no one thought of this!?!?! I would think IT would be the first concern on at least one person’s mind. I am not familiar with waywire, but assuming from your post it is a video sharing/storing site, then my thoughts in a brainstorming meeting would be how do we protect and maintain all current accts? The scary thought to me now is that they actually DID discuss this (how could they not) and the end results is what they DID! Again, think Obamacare-back is against the wall before it is even put into play so to put the people at ease and put the naysayers in their place, the goal should have been perfection and with so many people knowing the website was not ready they still went for it – No, say what? Why???? Talk about self-sabotage! Crazy world we live in!

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