Choosing to Be Interesting Instead of Pretty

November 20, 2013

Aurora lying on the treadmill, looking "pretty"
Photo 1

Let me say right off the bat, that’s not really a choice. You definitely don’t have to choose one over the other. You can absolutely be pretty and interesting.

But today’s blog post isn’t about debating that. It’s about celebrating my small victory!

Way too often, before I share a photo on social media, I’m always like “Is this really the right photo” and if I have to similar ones, I’m all, “Well, my legs are so much better in this! But my stomach is better in this. Of course, my teeth are legit in the first one…” and on and on.

And it’s this whole internal struggle of which one is the best one to show to the world…

I think other people do this too, right? And this is probably not the best way to live our lives.

The other morning, I was on the treadmill. It automatically stops after an hour – and thank goodness, ’cause I wanted a break anyway. So, between hours 1 and 2, I decided to sit on the edge of the treadmill. Well, i was really exhausted. So, sitting turned into lying down on it.

What does anybody do in this situation nowadays? Snap a picture of yourself. ‘Cause obviously we can’t just enjoy a moment of rest. Oh no. We must document it.

Aurora lying on treadmill with teeth sort of gritted in crazy "interesting" pose
Photo 2

So I snap a couple photos and try to decide which one to use.

In the first one, I think my head’s at a better angle. And you can kind of see my curly, thick hair coming out from behind me. My head’s kind of at a slightly better angle. My eyes look browner, softer, and better-shaped (not too wide, but wide enough). Of course, these are just my perceptions. I’m sure we all see different things.

In the second one, I just look crazy… But it’s more interesting to look at!

When I decided which one to post to instagram, I went with the interesting one. And I was proud of myself. ‘Cause it’s not always about just looking pretty (or prettier than the other option).

(Although, I will say in the crazy one, my teeth were looking on point! So, it’s not like vain-ness was totally out of the equation there!)

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