Dancing In The Rain

November 21, 2013

dancing in the rainSo, the other night, it RAINED! That’s right. It rained. In Los Angeles. Yay!

I always feel so happy when it rains. I don’t know if we just get too much sun or if I just like a change or what.

But, as I walked out of work at 2-something in the morning, it was raining! So, I decided to just dance in the rain, because why not?

I danced on down to the bus stop. Then I stood outside the little bus shelter dancing to “Life of the Party” by the Jackson 5.

This was SO fun and freeing. For like 10 minutes. The bus ended up being way late and like 40 minutes in, it kind of just felt a little like a dance marathon…

Nonetheless, I was very, very thankful for rain. I had a grand ol’ time. And I danced full-out like a crazy person. One of the best things about living in L.A. is that since so many people are crazy, people tend not to mind that much if you act crazy.

So rain down on me, rain! xoxo – Aurora

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