Packing For A Non-Marathon Trip?!

December 8, 2013

This weekend I went to Oklahoma City with my dad. It was insanely amazing and I can’t even wait to tell you everything about it. But for now, let me just tell you how odd the packing was.

For almost every trip I’ve taken in the last two years, I’ve packed for a half or full marathon. I’m always double checking all the important stuff. “Do I have the correct shoes, fuel, running outfits, socks?” And on and on. I still of course brought workout gear, but this was nothing like preparing for a running event.

The last vacation I went on with my dad was for the Goofy Challenge. I brought at least 3 pairs of shoes with me for that! (One for the marathon, one for the half, and one for all the other walking for the weekend.) Not to mention Shot Bloks, Gatorade and all that jazz.

But for this trip, you mean all I have to pack is normal clothes for going about a city? Cool. I just stared at my suitcase for a minute after I’d packed like “uh, am I done?” And I was.

Though, I was very underprepared to go to a snowy place. I only owned one pair of gloves that I’d bought at a race expo in Seattle for two dollars. I threw them out when I was cleaning out my closet. “When will I ever possibly use gloves again?” I’d foolishly asked. Ah, how living in Los Angeles mis-paints my perception of everything… Oh well, thankfully I had kept a little coat and a sweater. So, I was fine.

More on Oklahoma City tomorrow night!

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