The Flight to OKC

December 9, 2013

Aurora hugging daddy at the airportThis weekend was our annual Daddy/daughter trip. Why not start from the beginning – the flight there.

On my flight to Denver (layover), I sat next to this very interesting woman. She was going through a divorce after over 20 years of marriage.

You could tell the news was still new and pretty raw, ’cause she was still going through a lot of different emotions about it.

But she was so real, I really like her. And she is ready to go out and do some living! Sure, she’s really upset. But she’s gonna leave California (get it, girl). And she’s gonna adventure. I wish she had a blog so I could check in on what she decides to do.

I love the Denver airport. It’s spacious, well decorated, and I learn some cool new facts about history and/or aviation – such as the story of John L “Jack” Swigert Jr. He’s from Denver. He was the one who famously said, “Houston we have a problem here.” Then he helped get everyone back safely to Earth. Did you know he was originally rejected by NASA ,then went and got two master’s degrees, re-applied, and got accepted to that mission? Did you also know he was elected to Congress (but died from cancer days before assuming office)? Well, if you didn’t know, you would learn it at the Denver airport.

After learning and snacking, I went to wait at my dad’s gate because we had a layover in the same place! Isn’t that serendipitous?

He finally landed (a little late) and we rushed to our next gate where we got to fly into OKC together – for the absolutely epic 2013/2014 Daddy/daughter trip – which is where I’ll pick up tomorrow.

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