Leo’s BBQ

December 10, 2013

Aurora and Daddy posing at Leo's BBQ tableI could never do as much justice to this story as my dad can. I wish I had a tape of my dad’s impression of the waitress – better yet, I wish I had a tape of our actual waitress.

Anyway, our waitress was hilarious because while she was extremely kind and lovely, she was so straight and to the point. When we got there and asked her what to get, she told us we needed to get this platter that had the different meats on there and she’d throw in an extra slice of cake. And that was the end of the discussion. She basically just walked away and got that for us.

Later, when we were talking about Leo and the restaurant. Apparently, Leo’s dead because she told us so straightforward and matter-of-factly, “Leo’s dead.” Again, I can’t really explain this interesting woman without being able to do the inflections. Just call my dad. He’ll do it for it you.

It was an interesting little place because it seemed like a pretty small, not fancy building. I don’t know that it would’ve caught my eye. But my dad had looked for places to eat in OKC and heard about this from one of his friends. I loved that he knew sort of an Oklahoma City secret. We got to eat like super cool locals.

Food = delicious. Service = hilarious & awesome. Great restaurant choice, Daddy.

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