Santa’s Adventures… (Or Not!)

December 11, 2013

Aurora in the limo 2After our amazing trip to Leo’s BBQ, I my dad and I headed out for Santa’s Adventures!

Earlier in the week, I’d been looking up stuff to do in Oklahoma City, and I couldn’t stop taking about the santa thing after I’d found it.

What are Santa’s Adventures, you ask? Well, there’s Santa ziplining – while ziplining, you try to drop a present into a chimney!

There’s the North Pole Climb – you climb up on SandRidge Sky Trail, then go down a 72-foot slide.

There’s the Candy Cane Rock Wall. It’s basically just a normal indoor rock wall, but Christmas-y, and you get a candy cane if you reach the top.

There are a couple more things. You can read about them in the link…

So, how amazingly fun was all of that adventure-y awesomeness? Well, I can’t tell you because it was CLOSED!

My dad and I went down to the lobby to grab a cab. The concierge was all, “We can call a cab or you can jump in this limo because the driver is doing rides for gratuities only.” What? Count us in!

sleeping at 645 pmSo, we jumped in our limo like Oklahoma City ballers just to get there and be told that all of Santa’s Adventures were closed due to weather. There was also awesome snow-tubing nearby, but the woman at Santa’s Adventures said that was closed too.

We sadly went back to the hotel, and I fell asleep almost immediately (since I’m on a crazy sleep schedule and being awake all day had been rough…) My dad took a picture to make fun of me going to bed at 6:45pm. It was like we were at the Goofy Challenge all over again!

While we were bummed about Santa’s Adventures, there were more adventures to be had the next day, which we will talk about tomorrow.

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