The Pacers Stayed In Our Hotel! – Part 1

December 14, 2013


Probably a little rude of me to sneak this picture... Yes, I did it anyway.
Probably a little rude of me to sneak this picture… Yes, I did it anyway.

My dad and I stayed in what I assume is probably the dopest hotel in downtown Oklahoma City. (Big props to the Sheraton on Broadway.) As if the insanely amazing breakfast buffet and 24-hour(!) gym weren’t enough… the Indiana Pacers stayed in our hotel!

My dad actually said as we were going to check in, “I wonder if the Pacers will be staying here” (since you know, we were in the dopest hotel and right by the arena.

After out thwarted Santa’s Adventures Saturday night, I fell asleep and my dad went down to the hotel bar to watch some sports games. When he came back up around 11:30, I was kind of waking up. He said the Indiana Pacers were going to be arriving soon, and I had to go see if I could catch a glimpse of them.

He said he’d made new friends in the hotel bar who’d recognize me.

I thought it was slightly weird to go wait for a glimpse of the basketball team, because you know, I like to believe I respect celebrities and whatever. And they’re just people like us and all that jazz. However, they’re all super cool super tall basketball players and why not?

So, I went down to the hotel bar. As soon as I walked in, Lona loudly said, “AURORA?!” I was all, “uhhh, yeah.” To which she said, “Your dad’s the sh*t!!!”

This was not at all surprising, because my dad is the life of every party. Sometimes people think I’m fun and outgoing. (And I like to think that too.) But then I get around my dad and the idea of me being the life of the party is just one big joke. You can definitely see where I got it from!

So, I talked to Lona and Ahmed for a while. They were riveting and it was fun. Finally, as it got close to 1am, you saw activity start to happen in the lobby.

I’ve never seen a bar close down faster. (Granted, I don’t go to a lot of bars. But it still seemed like a feat to me.) I don’t know if they closed extra quickly because the Pacers were coming and they wanted everybody out, or just because they wanted to go home.

So, the bar closed down. I thought about just going upstairs. But instead, I sat in the little area by the elevators. I don’t know why it became so important to me to see the Pacers. But it did.

So, I’m hanging out, very obviously not reading this pamphlet book thing they had out, because it’s not that big of a book. So I’m “reading” the same things over and over. A security guard comes and asks if I’m staying in the hotel. I say yes and have a room key to back me up.

Then the Pacers start coming in. Now, I’m actually wearing my Pacers hat. So I’m not incognito in the least. But the team and the crew kind of give me smiles and say hi since they see my hat. I shyly say hi back.

And this is where I’ll pick up tomorrow.

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