My Choice To Never Carry A Child

December 19, 2013

About to get some permanent birth control, baby! (And rocking teeth that look pretty good in that doctor's office light.)
About to get some permanent birth control, baby! (And rocking teeth that look pretty good in that doctor’s office light.)

Hey there! Today, we’re gonna take a slightly more personal detour than we usually get on this blog.

I feel like sometimes women don’t talk super publicly about a) birth control or b) being content and happy in their choice to not want to carry children. And I think those are both things that deserve some conversation, and that I’m totally happy to talk about. So, let’s go for it!

(I’m still finding the line of what’s to personal for the blog… I might always be finding that line. I used to err on the side of don’t get personal. But now I’m starting to err on, “hey man, this is an open place where it’s silly to censor normal human stuff like this.”

We’ll see where I end up with the personal line eventually. If this is not a subject you want to discuss, please come on back on the 21st!)

I can’t imagine myself ever wanting to have kids. I really can’t. I’m much too selfish for that.

However, I’ll admit that people do change sometimes in their lives. I have many, many childbearing years left. I sort of kind of concede that I guess possibly someday in the far off future, it’s an extremely remote possibility that I’ll want a child. (I won’t. It’s not me. I don’t want one. I do not want one, period.)

But, even with that extremely slight concession there, this much I can tell you: I do not want to have my own biological child. Period. That’s for sure. I have many traits I don’t want passed on. And, more than anything else, there are way too many kids in the world who need a home. I absolutely could not bring yet another child into this world knowing how many children out there don’t have parents.

That’s not at all a judgement on people who do have kids. I understand that many people choose to have children for all their own reasons and that’s totally cool. But my personal decision is that I could not do it.

Plus, again speaking to my selfishness, I can’t think of anything I’d like to do less in this world than have another human growing inside of me. The idea of caring a child in no way shape or form seems fun to me. And if seems fun to you, that’s exciting. Again, no judgement here whatsoever. But it’s absolutely not for me.

I never really wanted to be on the pill, because as has been mentioned oh so many times in my heart posts, I hate taking pills. Hate it. (Hate it SO much!) I don’t like messing with my body chemistry. I don’t like having the burden of remembering to take pills places with you and remembering to take them each day.

If you think a picture of my legs is too much - know that I have pictures of my fallopian tubes on the doctor's office screen, which I am not posting... :-P
If you think a picture of my legs is too much – know that I have pictures of my fallopian tubes on the doctor’s office screen, which I am not posting… 😛

Yeah, yeah, yeah. I know if you put pills by your toothbrush it becomes as easy as brushing your teeth. But whatever. I don’t want to do it! And I’m going to avoid every single pill possible in my life.

So, at first, I’m like, “condoms are probably good enough, right?”

However, while they are very effective, they’re not 100%. And, if I want a man to do his part to make sure I don’t get pregnant, I can do my part in that as well. So, it’s smart to have a method of birth control on my end as well.

Originally, I got an IUD, because it’s good for many years. You don’t have to think about it. It sounded good.

But I didn’t love it. (This is definitely some personal stuff coming up. So, if that’s not something you want to hear, don’t read on.)

But, it made my awesome periods not as awesome (days longer, much heavier. ugh). And, the way it was inserted, it wasn’t all that super deep. So, it actually kind of got hit sometimes – which was painful. (My new gynecologist out here (Dr. Adberg – whom I adore) said that it was inserted in a place where it was still effective (good), but it could’ve been positioned better as far as the comfort level was concerned.)

Anyway, I was over the IUD. Also, it’s very possibly that I’m not going to have insurance forever. So, I was also sort of over the idea of getting something else that may need to be replaced in 5 years. Isn’t there a more permanent option covered by insurance?

Yes, my friends. Yes there is. And that’s what we’ll be talking about tomorrow!

I'd love to hear from you! So whaddya say?