Essure – Permanent Birth Control – Part 1

December 20, 2013

Aurora on the medical tablePiggybacking from yesterday

So, I had a talk with my gynecologist. She told me about different options. And I learned about this cool procedure called Essure.

It was a very simple in-office procedure covered by my insurance. I was actually my doctor’s first Essure patient. (She’s been a gynecologist for a long time, but never done this procedure before.)

Normally, I would never be a doctor’s first patient for anything. But, the risks with this procedure were oh so very low. And I trust Dr. Adberg SO much. I can’t recommend her highly enough. She really cares about her patients. She’s so good at answering questions. She will be my gynecologist until she retires. She’s the BEST!

So, I put my trust in her and went for the procedure. It can be a bit of a tough thing to plan because you have to do it during a certain time during your cycle, and they have to coordinate the schedule of some Essure representative person who had to be there.

But, we figured out a good time back in April. The doctor asked if I wanted a little medicine to help calm someone in an IV. But I was like, “uh, I’m pretty much a surgery pro at this point. I don’t think I need any calming stuff.”

I think whatever she was going to give me was also supposed to help kind of zone you out a little to deal with the pain. Of course, I hate extraneous medicine so I was all “pain, schmain!” I will say, during the procedure, it was a little more painful than I’d envisioned. Apparently whatever was going on sort of, just a tiny bit on a smaller scale, mimicked what the pain of childbirth would be like. (Totally not equating it, ladies. I don’t ever want to feel what that feels like! And now I won’t ’cause I can’t have children!)

Anyway, it was painful. But I squirmed as little as possible and pushed through as best as I could and she successfully inserted the little things into my fallopian tubes that my own scar tissue could grow around.

Good ol’ body, always taking care of me. (Okay, well not always since my heart was kind of out to get me for a while… But nonetheless, my body rocked on growing scar tissue. So, high five to me!)

When Dr. Adberg asked me if I had any other questions, I just thanked her for not treating me like a child and being willing to do this procedure for me.

I know we all know how worried I am about my youth and beauty and everything. But, by the same token, I’m still a grown adult woman who’s smart and capable of making decisions. And I hate when people treat me like a child. Between all my moves around the country and various jobs and health problems and all that jazz, I always think “Do you have any idea how many lifetimes I’ve led already?”

And I know, I know. I’ll live a lot more. And I might even continue to grow and learn. But I’m pretty freaking comfortable with the general outline of who I am. And I’m comfortable in my big decisions that I’m firm on. And this is definitely one of them.

So, I thanked her for not treating me like a child. And she basically echoed back those thoughts in my brain. “You’re an adult woman. I know some people treat people in their twenties as young, but when I was your age I knew what I wanted. You’ve obviously really thought about this decision and have plenty of reasons that make logical sense. There was no reason I wouldn’t do this for you.”

(Love her!)

With Essure, you have to wait 3 months and have a test to show that your scar tissue grew successfully and your tubes are officially blocked. And since this post is sort of long already, let’s talk about the test part tomorrow.

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