My Organized/Cutened Up Room – Part 2

December 24, 2013

pictures on my bathroom counterPicking up from yesterday –

In addition to the collage in the back of my bathroom, I put up a frame with 3 photos of me and my dad on my countertop. I used to complain to him that he had photos of other people in frames on his desk, but not one of me. He was all, “These people gave me framed photos as gifts! Give me one. Of course I’ll put it up.”

So, I got us matching frames and the photos in my bathroom are the same ones he has on his desk, which I think is nice.

There is one more wall in my bathroom that I think could use photos. (It’s to the right side of the counter.) It’s totally blank and now that the other walls have something, I think it might be nice if it had something too.

But we’ll see… Not totally sure what I want to put there. Maybe some Cory Booker photos. I dunno. That’s up in the air. But the point is, even as it stands now – though more could be done (and really, when is it not possible for more to be done), my bathroom has a personal touch.

In my hallway, I put up a hook to hold my book bag. I even hit the hook jackpot because I found a hook that’s a monkey holding out her legs!

My bathroom is monkey themed. (That started way back in Boston, when I found a monkey soap dispenser and obviously had no choice but to name him Bubbles. Then it just kind of grew from there.)

The backpack hook is right outside my bathroom. So, it’s a nice little transition into there. I also put up a tiny (non-monkey) hook for my keys. And I put up a sign on the back of my door that says “keep moving forward” so that I see it everyday when I leave the apartment.

Those are a couple of little things I had in Boston, and putting them back up really makes me feel like home (because that was the last place where I really settled in).

Now, in my actual room, I put little stickers on all my plastic drawers so everything is very neatly labeled. I also had all these random stacks of paperwork – ideas strewn about having to do with musicals I was writing, contestant paperwork from Price is Right, lots of kidney paperwork, even some notes and stuff still from the Groundlings.

So, I organized that into various binders.

invitations on my mirrorI tried to stay pretty true to my idea that I wanted things to either be displayed, used fairly often, or necessary to be kept for a longer period (due to taxes or what have you, any other reason people might need to keep something).

For the most part, I stuck to that. I did keep a binder of my Groundlings notes even though I don’t think they’ll be necessary for anything, really. I also kept a binder full of old cards and notes people had given me. I don’t technically need it, and I’m not displaying it. But as of now, I totally have the space and would like to look back on them now and again. So why not?

I stuck some things I wanted to display, but wasn’t sure how, into edges of the mirror doors of one of my huge closets. So, every time I walk in my little hallways space (with my closet), I see photo-booth photos of me and my great friend Jaime, and I see a really lovely congrats card from David Hyde Pierce. So, it’s really nice.

I also hung on my other closet mirror my big sign of my name from Price is Right (which has the name tag attached to the back, so it’s very fitting & perfect to be on a mirror).

I put a little treasure chest in my closet, where I keep the bandana from Ty that I wear to my full marathons (and can’t wait to wear again in March!)

I’ll finish up tomorrow with how I went about organizing everything.

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