2013 In Review – Part 1

December 31, 2013

Aurora De Lucia leaning over, tired, with her medal, at the Walt Disney World Marathon 2013
One of my favorite race photos from 2013. I love it, and hope you do too!

Still learning the optimal ways to do years in review.

In 2012, I did not make a blog post about it. I remember at the time, it’s because I didn’t feel I’d done enough and that I didn’t have enough to say, so I just let it go by. Looking back, I kind of, sort of wished I had one… But then I realized I sort of do.

I was kind of glad I’d made a little movie each day. You can tell they’re very choppily edited… As with many things from 2012, I was flying by the seat of my pants. But I like that I have so many videos of myself that I can look back on.

I’m a little too afraid of videos, I think. It seems like the internet in general likes videos… For some reason, I feel it’s embarrassing when no one watched my videos. Yet it’s way less embarrassing if they don’t look at pictures or blog posts? I don’t understand the disconnect there. And I definitely need to work on doing more videos…

Anyway, this year, instead of 25 days of sharing (which btw, I think is actually a much better idea than what I’m doing year), I did a month a day over on Facebook and tumblr.

I maybe didn’t think it out all the way, because the middle of the year wasn’t as well represented in photos. Plus, I felt that the middle of my year seemed kind of dreary. That happened to fall on Christmas. So, I didn’t get a lot of likes on that stuff.

I’ll link you to each individual post, so you don’t have to go searching for everything if you’re reading this a while from now when the older posts won’t be quite as accessible:

(btw, please feel free to go show love on those other social media platforms. I love likes and tumblr reblogs and such. :-))

January: Goofy challenge on tumblr and facebook.

February: Taped The Price is Right on tumblr . (In my opinion, that tumblr gif is worth clicking on.)

March: I got that car, baby! On tumblr .

April: I met Cory Booker(!!!) On tumblr and instagram. (In that tumblr link, you can watch us hug! :-))

May: Joined the union (I.A.T.S.E – Local 700 (Motion Picture Editors Guild)) On tumblr.

June: Said goodbye to the theater I once called home when my teacher retired. This one still pulls at my heart-strings! But at least I got to help with the party, which is the only way I knew how to deal with my teacher leaving – by making it just like old times when we’d work on shows together… On tumblr .

June bonus: SkyRobics – my new thing for the year. (I try something new every June 25th. And I got to do this with my dad!) On tumblr .

July: For this one, I actually had literally nothing to say/show about/for the month of July. Truly, my only thing I thought about that whole month was my musical and perfecting my application to my dream musical theater program. I didn’t even get a callback. But I figured if I was sharing all the good, I should share the failures as well. So, sat in my living room, put on Midnight Train to Georgia and taped myself having an excellent cry. 😛

I’ll admit the gif looks a little weird like every time my hand swings out that I’m ready to hit something… But I thought it was fine, ’cause there’s frustration there. Not just sadness. (And if I do say so myself, this was one of my best looking cries ever. Not only did I think it looked pretty genuine, but my forehead didn’t wrinkle in any weird ways! (I have about a 2 minute tape of it in case I ever need it.) So, yay for me and me gorgeous crying. 😉 #EquityActress lol)

On tumblr and facebook. (Not a single person liked that photo… This is why year in review on instagram maybe wasn’t the greatest idea since again, not everything translates so well to photos.

More tomorrow!

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