Learning About Tumblr

January 10, 2014

tumblr logoGoing back to the theme of having learned more about social media this past year to kind of finish out those posts – I got my tumblr blog a long time ago, then didn’t really use it.

Finally, I saw Eric McCormack in concert. I had some video that wasn’t all that great, but I knew would make at least pretty okay gifs… Where’s the place for gifs? Ah! A lightbulb went off. I can finally use my tumblr! (Here’s that post with his gifs, btw.)

That was actually the first time I learned how to make gifs. (I use an app called GIF Brewery, but I’m sure there are many other ways.)

I randomly decided at the last moment (even a day after I’d already started doing it on instagram) that I’d do a year in review on tumblr, with a different post for each month. (You’ve already read about that here.)

I don’t usually like to post on tumblr unless I have a gif. To me, that’s what tumblr is for. That’s what sets it apart from the other social networks. So unless I have a compelling reason to post gif-less, why would I?

Now, sometimes this makes for some ridiculous gifs. I mean, really, what’s the point of this one? However, as I started to look back through the year, I was amazed at how many videos I actually had that could be gifs!

I really don’t take all that much video. So, I was shocked that for the most part, I almost had enough for year in review giffing.

Sometimes I was lucky and it just kind of landed in my possession. My finish at the Goofy marathon happened to come on my disk of photos…

Golly, I miss brightroom! (Marathonfoto took over Brightroom. Brightroom rocked in a million ways, was more affordable, and always had video… *shakes head with sadness*)

My Price is Right win obviously existed because it was television. (I honestly think that’s my favorite gif. It’s an incredibly hard choice… there is that Cory Booker hug. But even though he’s Cory Booker(!), can anything really beat that moment on Price is Right? Sorry, Cory.)

Sometimes I had video because people were trying to catch a moment and we were more likely to get it in a video than still image (such as that Cory Booker hug).

So, I was pleasantly surprised by the number of videos I had. Using tumblr more often makes me realize I need to take more video, baby!

So, there you have it. My primitive tumblr strategy – gifs, gifs, and more gifs. Now, I just need to master the art of making better gifs… If you have any tumblr ideas to add to that, please let me know! (And you can always visit my tumblr here.)

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